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Temrael, a role-playing game for French-speaking players


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I happen to know that there are players from France here and probably from Québec and other French-speaking parts of the world. If you like Magic Duel, you probably like to roleplay. If that's the case, this is for you.
Temrael is a role-playing game in which you can play a character (or up to five of them, if you so desire) of a number of races and classes. It is software-based, but will run on pretty much any PC, and it is completely free.
What can you do in Temrael?
You can hunt, explore, fish, make furniture, drink at the tavern with your friends, and so much more. You essentially act as your character would in this virtual world where the main attraction is the interaction with other characters in order to have fun, to amass a fortune or to gain political power.
Where can I learn more or get started?
Follow this link for a lot more information, or visit the website itself, though it is best to read the first link before you get lost in there. I hope to see you in-game.
Full disclosure: I do not own or operate Temrael. I simply play the game.
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People have previously posted about games on here. Mur commented specifically on what is and isn't allowed, but I don't remember the thread.

Don't get jumping on someone's throat for putting out other gaming stuff. I am pretty sure a lot of people play other games besides MD, I do.

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Games are talked about on the Temrael forum. I read the rules before posting this.


Also, on the topic of player retention, it is not inconceivable that players who start playing another game make friends there and talk to them about Magic Duel, hence bringing fresh blood here as well. A certain overlap of players would not hurt either games.

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For reference:  



talking about other games on the forum is fine. Promoting repeteadly other games here is not ok. 

1) is harmful for seo reasons to post links t external sites repeatedly 

2) if one does it, then many will spam forum with their referar links to other games, and i don't like the view of that


would you get banned if talking about md events all the time on an others games forum? probably so...then why not here also?


Thank you for understanding.

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