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9th birthday quest: A tale untold

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I want to tell you a story

'Bout a sleepless man, if I can

A man who'll stay unnamed,

His tale untold, for you to unfold...


On day 103 (Mon Apr 14), I will use your help to unravel a mystery...

The event will take place in chat, at the Howling Gates, starting at 10.30 s.t. and lasting until someone solves it (depending on the participation, this may take a few hours to a few days).


I will read 3 small excerpts from a tale (its beginning, a middle part and its ending) and you'll have to figure out what happened in between said parts. 

You can ask me (in chat, all PMs will be ignored) any and as many questions as you like, to which I can only answer 'yes', 'no' or 'irrelevant'. Note: I must answer all the questions and I can't lie.


The 3 excerpts will also be disclosed on this thread for reference, together with the most interesting/relevant questions.

Therefore, even if you can't be there at the beginning of the event, you should be able to catch up.


Scoring and winners:


The first one figuring out the whole story will have to state it in chat to be declared winner (1st place).

You obviously don't have to write a novel, a brief summary will do it (the whole tale can be summed up in 2-3 lines).


Besides that, you can contribute to the solution by asking significant/meaningful questions.

I will in fact assign 1 point for each and every question leading to a key/turning point.

Said points will define the scoring for those placed from 2nd to 5th.




1st: 1 soulweaver

2nd: 1 tormented soul

3rd: 1 skull

4th: 1 unholy priest

5th: bones (tons of!!!)


This is all I can offer from my collection, sponsors are highly welcome! 


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How it all started: 


"Late one afternoon, a few months ago, I heard knocking at my door."

The mid part:

"I went to bed but couldn't sleep. Late at night I lit a candle."


How it ended:


"I feel slightly relieved, but since that day I do everything I can to avoid the Library."




Key points:


[spoiler]The man hears a knock at the door, and opens it to find a stranger. The stranger comes inside and offers him the book, explaining its properties.
He takes the book, and looks at it that night, confirming what the stranger has told him - the book has no begining, no end, and the contents are always changing.
Over the next few months, he continues to experience the book, while both his apprehension at its abnormal nature, and obsession with its contents grows stronger.
Eventually, his abhorance of the book wins out, and he contemplates destroying it. However, knowing this would have dire consequences, he settles for hiding it in a place that he knows well... a large library.
His hope is that the book will never be experienced again, and he is relieved that it would be hard for him, or anyone else, to ever find in the library.
He resolves not to return to that library, as well.[/spoiler]
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Allright, this event had only 3 participants, but it was fun!
Maybe the timing was bad for many, therefore I'm willing to repeat this quest in the next few days (time and day to be arranged).
I have a couple more stories for you to figure out, so stay tuned!!
Here's the log of the event (I applied the "yes/no only answer" rule a bit flexibly but there's no rule an italian Necrovian wouldn't bend  :P):
[14/04/14 10:31] lashtal:All right, time to start...
[14/04/14 10:32] lashtal:In case you missed it, here's the forum thread I'll be using as reference:
[14/04/14 10:32] lashtal: [Forum link]
[14/04/14 10:33] lashtal:So, I will read 3 brief extracts of a tale.. your task is to figure out what happened in between.
[14/04/14 10:34] lashtal:You can ask any question you want, to which I can only answer "yes", "no" or "irrelevant".
[14/04/14 10:34] lashtal:1st one, how it all started:
[14/04/14 10:35] lashtal:"Late one afternoon, a few months ago, I heard knocking at my door."
[14/04/14 10:35] lashtal:The mid part:
[14/04/14 10:35] lashtal:"I went to bed but couldn't sleep. Late at night I lit a candle."
[14/04/14 10:35] lashtal:And finally, the happy ending:
[14/04/14 10:35] lashtal:"I feel slightly relieved, but since that day I do everything I can to avoid the Library."
[14/04/14 10:36] Kyphis:Was the door Answered?
[14/04/14 10:36] Kyphis:Was anyone at the door?
[14/04/14 10:36] lashtal:Yes to both
[14/04/14 10:36] Kyphis:Was it a man?
[14/04/14 10:37] Kyphis: (at the door)
[14/04/14 10:37] lashtal:Yes
[14/04/14 10:37] Kyphis:Did the man deliver a message?
[14/04/14 10:38] lashtal:No (not exactly)
[14/04/14 10:38] Kyphis:Did the man enter the house?
[14/04/14 10:39] lashtal:Yes he did
[14/04/14 10:39] Gljivoje:Did the man who knocked on the door deliver some sort of a literature to the man who tells the story?
[14/04/14 10:39] Kyphis:Did the man stay overnight in the house?
[14/04/14 10:39] Gljivoje:a book maybe
[14/04/14 10:40] lashtal:Yes to Gjivoje, no to Kyphis
[14/04/14 10:40] Kyphis:Was the man known to the protagonist?
[14/04/14 10:40] Gljivoje:did the man read that book late at night when he lit the candle?
[14/04/14 10:41] lashtal:No to Kyphis, yes to Gjivoje
[14/04/14 10:42] lashtal: (1 point to Gjlivoje)
[14/04/14 10:42] Gljivoje:did the man just gave the book to protagonist and leave?
[14/04/14 10:42] Kyphis:Did the contents of the book unsettle the protagonist?
[14/04/14 10:43] lashtal:No to Gljivoje, yes to Kyphis
[14/04/14 10:43] Kyphis:Was the man aware of the contents of the book he delivered to the protagonist?
[14/04/14 10:44] Kyphis:Was the book about the house the protagonist was in?
[14/04/14 10:44] lashtal:Yes he was
[14/04/14 10:44] lashtal:And no, it wasn't about the house
[14/04/14 10:45] Kyphis:Was the book about a crime?
[14/04/14 10:45] lashtal:Irrelevant
[14/04/14 10:46] Pipstickz:Gah, too tired for this
[14/04/14 10:46] Gljivoje:did the man told something about the book content to the protagonist that intrigued him to read it?
[14/04/14 10:46] Kyphis:Hmm...
[14/04/14 10:46] lashtal:Yes to Gljivoje
[14/04/14 10:47] Kyphis:Was the book a warning?
[14/04/14 10:47] lashtal:Nope
[14/04/14 10:48] Kyphis:Did the story take more than 24 hours to resolve?
[14/04/14 10:48] lashtal:I'm not sure I got what you mean, can you rephrase it?
[14/04/14 10:49] Gljivoje:man knocked on the door in late afternoon, was it over in the morning?
[14/04/14 10:49] Kyphis:From the first event of the story (the knocking on the door) to the last event of the story (feeling relieved) take more than 24 hours chronologically from within the perspective of the story?
[14/04/14 10:50] lashtal:Oh, then it took more than 24 hours, indeed
[14/04/14 10:50] Kyphis:Wasn't expecting that :P
[14/04/14 10:50] Gljivoje:neither do i :)
[14/04/14 10:50] :lashtal grins
[14/04/14 10:50] Kyphis:Was the book finished in a single night?
[14/04/14 10:50] Kyphis:Was the book finished?
[14/04/14 10:50] lashtal:Nope!
[14/04/14 10:51] lashtal: (1 point to Kyphis)
[14/04/14 10:51] Kyphis:Was the book a mundane book?
[14/04/14 10:51] Gljivoje:did the man spent his time researching the book in the library?
[14/04/14 10:52] lashtal:No to both
[14/04/14 10:52] Kyphis:Was the library mentioned a part of the protagonists house?
[14/04/14 10:52] Gljivoje:was the book about protagonist?
[14/04/14 10:52] Kyphis:Did the contents of the book change over time?
[14/04/14 10:53] Kyphis:Was the book a portal?
[14/04/14 10:53] lashtal:No to the first two questions.
[14/04/14 10:53] lashtal:Yes to the third question, no to the last one.
[14/04/14 10:53] lashtal:And another point to Kyphis
[14/04/14 10:54] Kyphis:Did the book have a consistent protagonist?
[14/04/14 10:54] Kyphis:Did the book have a consistent antagonist?
[14/04/14 10:55] Gljivoje:did the contents change in correlation with protagonist changes?
[14/04/14 10:55] lashtal:Kyphis: both irrelevant
[14/04/14 10:55] lashtal:No to Gljivoje
[14/04/14 10:56] Kyphis:Did the book have characters?
[14/04/14 10:57] lashtal:Irrelevant. 3rd point for Kyphis.
[14/04/14 10:57] Kyphis:Did harm behalf the Protagonist during the events of your story?
[14/04/14 10:57] Gljivoje:was the book about books? wass the book about library?
[14/04/14 10:58] lashtal:"Harm" maybe misleading...
[14/04/14 10:58] lashtal:No to Gljivoje
[14/04/14 10:59] Kyphis:Clarification - physical not mental, but including threats
[14/04/14 10:59] lashtal:Oh, then no.
[14/04/14 11:01] Kyphis:Did the book have an ending?
[14/04/14 11:01] lashtal:NO! Another point to Kyphis!
[14/04/14 11:02] Gljivoje:did protagonist aware of that?
[14/04/14 11:03] Kyphis:So, we have a stranger deliver a book, something is said to compel the protagonist to read it. It is read over a long period, and the contents change constantly...
[14/04/14 11:03] Kyphis:At the end, the protagonist is relieved, but wary of the library, presumably the resting place of the book (although, library is not in his home)
[14/04/14 11:03] Kyphis:All correct so far?
[14/04/14 11:04] Gljivoje:unsettled upon reading, and he never finish it, but relieved when he quits it
[14/04/14 11:04] lashtal:Yes.
[14/04/14 11:04] lashtal:And yes.
[14/04/14 11:05] Gljivoje:was the awareness of "non-ending" and ever-changing made protagonist to quits it?
[14/04/14 11:05] lashtal:Yes! Another point to Gljivoje.
[14/04/14 11:06] Gljivoje:does he keep the book?
[14/04/14 11:07] Kyphis:Was the book a set of instructions?
[14/04/14 11:07] Gljivoje:did he fight it to quit it? was it easy?
[14/04/14 11:07] lashtal:A moment please.
[14/04/14 11:07] Kyphis:Was there a percieved consequence for not reading the book?
[14/04/14 11:08] Kyphis: (aside from simple lack of knowledge)
[14/04/14 11:08] lashtal:The protagonist didn't keep the book, but it was hard to quit it.
[14/04/14 11:08] lashtal:The book was not a set of instructions
[14/04/14 11:09] lashtal:And there were no perceived consequences for not reading the book
[14/04/14 11:09] Kyphis:Did the book contain information about things that had yet to occur?
[14/04/14 11:09] lashtal:Irrelevant (could be, but we don't know)
[14/04/14 11:09] Gljivoje:was the book expanding his mind in universal knowledge and the man could deal with it to certain point?
[14/04/14 11:10] lashtal:No
[14/04/14 11:10] Kyphis:Was the book dangerous?
[14/04/14 11:10] lashtal:Tricky question Kyphis..
[14/04/14 11:10] lashtal:But I'd say no
[14/04/14 11:11] Kyphis:Clarification - was there an inherent danger to reading the book?
[14/04/14 11:11] Gljivoje:did the man read the book in a long period, part of life, years?
[14/04/14 11:11] Kyphis:!
[14/04/14 11:12] Kyphis:Was the protagonist responsible for the changes in content of the book?
[14/04/14 11:12] lashtal:No to Kyphis, yes to Gljivoje
[14/04/14 11:12] lashtal:No to Kyphis again
[14/04/14 11:12] Kyphis:Ooooh
[14/04/14 11:13] Kyphis:Was the book mostly pictures?
[14/04/14 11:13] Gljivoje:so book totally occupied his senses for many years, did he become it's character in a way?
[14/04/14 11:14] lashtal:No to both
[14/04/14 11:14] Kyphis:Was the book about events that had already occured by the time they where recorded in the book?
[14/04/14 11:15] Kyphis:Was the book magic?
[14/04/14 11:15] lashtal:Irrelevant and no... Although it's not a "normal" book.
[14/04/14 11:15] Gljivoje:is it needed to know what the book was about if it changes constantly? some global meaning maybe?
[14/04/14 11:16] lashtal:No to Gljivoje! Important question, another point for you
[14/04/14 11:16] Kyphis:Well, say for example the book was about the past. That means it might be a place that people where recording their lives in, like a photo album
[14/04/14 11:16] Kyphis:We have ruled that out :P
[14/04/14 11:17] Kyphis:Did the book have a specific topic?
[14/04/14 11:17] lashtal:Irrelevant (meaning we don't know)
[14/04/14 11:18] Gljivoje:did the man pass the book forward to someone else?
[14/04/14 11:18] Gljivoje:did the man who gave it him also read it?
[14/04/14 11:18] Kyphis:Was the book old?
[14/04/14 11:19] lashtal:No to the first one
[14/04/14 11:19] Kyphis:Is book the right word for this literature?
[14/04/14 11:19] lashtal:Yes to the second and third one
[14/04/14 11:20] lashtal:Yeah, it's a book
[14/04/14 11:20] lashtal:Let me clarify one thing.
[14/04/14 11:20] lashtal:We already pointed out the book is ever changing and it has no end.
[14/04/14 11:20] Gljivoje:i think book is not important as surrounding events
[14/04/14 11:21] Kyphis:Does it have a clear begining?
[14/04/14 11:21] lashtal:So "reading", although grammatically correct, doesn't imply the book have been read completely
[14/04/14 11:21] Kyphis: (yeah, we have all the information on the book. I just like books)
[14/04/14 11:21] lashtal:No! One more point to Kyphis!
[14/04/14 11:21] Gljivoje:did the man who gave it him known to the protagonist, not a stranger?
[14/04/14 11:22] Kyphis: (I believe we established that already)
[14/04/14 11:22] Gljivoje: (oh sorry, i forgot than)
[14/04/14 11:22] Kyphis: (I believe it was that he is a stranger)
[14/04/14 11:22] lashtal:Yeah, it was a stranger
[14/04/14 11:23] Kyphis:Did the book itself "tell" the protagonist to pass it on?
[14/04/14 11:23] Kyphis:Was reading the book a responsibility?
[14/04/14 11:23] lashtal:Nope
[14/04/14 11:23] Kyphis:Was reading the book a privilige?
[14/04/14 11:23] Gljivoje:he didn't pass it, so did he destroy it maybe?
[14/04/14 11:24] lashtal:Yes to both your last 2 questions Kyphis
[14/04/14 11:24] Kyphis:Interesting :D
[14/04/14 11:24] lashtal:No to Gljivoje... you guys are definitely on the right track
[14/04/14 11:24] Kyphis:Did the protagonist Want to stop reading the book, even though it was hard to do so?
[14/04/14 11:25] lashtal:Yes
[14/04/14 11:25] Gljivoje:did he kept the book for future reading?
[14/04/14 11:25] Kyphis:A book he didn't want to read, but felt he had to
[14/04/14 11:26] lashtal:Yes to both.
[14/04/14 11:26] Kyphis:Was reading the book beneficial?
[14/04/14 11:26] lashtal:No
[14/04/14 11:26] Kyphis: (I think I asked that already, haha)
[14/04/14 11:26] Gljivoje:did the protagonist ever read a book before?
[14/04/14 11:26] Gljivoje:anykind of a book
[14/04/14 11:27] Kyphis:Was the book only read at night?
[14/04/14 11:27] lashtal:Yes he did
[14/04/14 11:27] lashtal:No to Kyphis
[14/04/14 11:28] Kyphis:Did he tell anyone else about the book?
[14/04/14 11:28] lashtal:No! Another point to Kyphis!
[14/04/14 11:29] Kyphis:Did he Want to tell other people about the book?
[14/04/14 11:29] lashtal:No he didn't
[14/04/14 11:30] Kyphis:Is this story intended to be scary?
[14/04/14 11:30] lashtal:No, I don't think so
[14/04/14 11:31] lashtal: (are you scared? :-p)
[14/04/14 11:31] Kyphis:Is this story intended to do anything other than entertain? (ie educate)
[14/04/14 11:31] Gljivoje:so he quitted it cause he understood it was endless, but it was responsability. did the patterns in the book start go in cycles just in different expressions? he quitted cause he understood
[14/04/14 11:32] Kyphis: (didn't you already ask that?)
[14/04/14 11:32] lashtal:To Kyphis: no, pure brain onanism
[14/04/14 11:32] lashtal:To Gljivoje, nope. No patterns.
[14/04/14 11:33] Gljivoje:did he read the book everyday?
[14/04/14 11:33] lashtal:Although the first part of your sentence is correct
[14/04/14 11:33] lashtal:Irrelevant.
[14/04/14 11:34] Gljivoje:yes i know, i was just cementing the known facts
[14/04/14 11:35] Kyphis:Is there an additional factor to this story besides: The Stranger, the Book, and the Protagonist?
[14/04/14 11:36] lashtal:Sort of, one we already mentioned
[14/04/14 11:36] Gljivoje:i mean, is this it? *laughs*
[14/04/14 11:36] Kyphis:Time?
[14/04/14 11:36] Gljivoje:was it a dream?
[14/04/14 11:36] lashtal:Nope, more concrete
[14/04/14 11:37] lashtal:No Gljivoje
[14/04/14 11:37] Kyphis:The Candle?
[14/04/14 11:37] lashtal:No
[14/04/14 11:37] Kyphis:It has slipped my mind for now then :P
[14/04/14 11:37] Gljivoje:he read it for few months, i missed that
[14/04/14 11:38] Kyphis:Can you think of a fourth factor, Gljivoje?
[14/04/14 11:38] Gljivoje:trying
[14/04/14 11:39] papaver:Good morning.
[14/04/14 11:39] Gljivoje:so he's scared of library just because they stroe book there, and this was a book?
[14/04/14 11:39] Gljivoje:morning papaver
[14/04/14 11:39] Gljivoje:*store books
[14/04/14 11:40] papaver:One can only jump when more then 10 days. So I can't go to the party.
[14/04/14 11:40] lashtal:Hi papaver
[14/04/14 11:40] Kyphis:Oh yes, the library!
[14/04/14 11:40] Kyphis:That is the fourth element
[14/04/14 11:40] lashtal:The library, correct
[14/04/14 11:40] lashtal:Do you want to sum up what we know to papaver?
[14/04/14 11:40] Kyphis:Is there a fifth element?
[14/04/14 11:41] lashtal:Nope.
[14/04/14 11:41] lashtal:Gljivoje: so he's scared of library just because they stroe book there, and this was a book?
[14/04/14 11:41] lashtal:Nope
[14/04/14 11:41] Gljivoje:i get such impression cause of some early question
[14/04/14 11:41] Gljivoje:papaver, playing?
[14/04/14 11:42] Kyphis:The story so far:
[14/04/14 11:43] Kyphis:A man gets a knock at the door in the evening. A stranger is there with a book, and he tells the man to read it because it is a special book
[14/04/14 11:43] Kyphis:The man reads the book when he goes to bed, and finds that it has no begining or end, and its contents change constantly, as the stranger told him
[14/04/14 11:43] papaver:No! I am mad because i CAN'T GO TO THE PARTY!
[14/04/14 11:44] Kyphis:He feels a responsibility and privilige to reading this book, and reads it for many months if not years
[14/04/14 11:44] Kyphis:For some reason he also does not want to read the book.
[14/04/14 11:44] Gljivoje:i believe few months, kyphis
[14/04/14 11:44] Kyphis: (the party is here right now)
[14/04/14 11:44] Gljivoje:read first sentence
[14/04/14 11:44] Kyphis: (this is the party)
[14/04/14 11:45] Gljivoje:"Late one afternoon, a few months ago..."
[14/04/14 11:46] Kyphis:In time, he stops reading the book, as he comes to realize he will never be able to finish it. He feels relieved by this, but is still unwilling to go to the library
[14/04/14 11:46] Kyphis:I believe that is all we know so far?
[14/04/14 11:46] Gljivoje:and he keeps the book for future reading if he choses to
[14/04/14 11:47] lashtal:In time he stops reading the book, but not just because he can't finish it.
[14/04/14 11:47] Gljivoje:did the book gave him a whole different perspective on book in general?
[14/04/14 11:47] Gljivoje:*on books
[14/04/14 11:48] papaver:Why should he go to the library? Does he know the book is from there?
[14/04/14 11:48] Kyphis:Does the book end up residing in the library he does not wish to visit?
[14/04/14 11:48] lashtal:He doesn't! And the book doesn't come from the library
[14/04/14 11:49] lashtal:Yes Kyphis!
[14/04/14 11:49] Kyphis: (oh yes - papaver, the aim of this game is to ask questions with yes/no answers. Lashtal can only answer yes, no, or irrelevant)
[14/04/14 11:49] Kyphis: (the end goal is to uncover the whole story)
[14/04/14 11:49] Gljivoje:oh, i thought he keep the book for future reading
[14/04/14 11:49] Gljivoje:didn't we uncover it earlier
[14/04/14 11:49] Kyphis:Does the library want the book?
[14/04/14 11:50] Kyphis:Is it a normal library?
[14/04/14 11:50] Kyphis:Is the library aware of the books abnormal properties before they acquire it?
[14/04/14 11:50] lashtal: (lag) Yes to: the book ends up residing in the library he does not wish to visit
[14/04/14 11:51] Gljivoje:did he loses the book so it ends up in library somehow?
[14/04/14 11:51] Kyphis:Does the library know it has the book?
[14/04/14 11:52] Kyphis: (I think he is double checking before he answers :P)
[14/04/14 11:52] Gljivoje: :)
[14/04/14 11:52] lashtal:The Library wouldn't want the book. It's a normal library. Nobody there is aware of the peculiarities of said book
[14/04/14 11:53] Gljivoje:so he sneaks to book there and leave it?
[14/04/14 11:53] Gljivoje:*the
[14/04/14 11:53] lashtal:YES! 1 point for Gljivoje
[14/04/14 11:53] Kyphis:Yes, what is the answer to my fourth question?
[14/04/14 11:53] Kyphis:Eh?
[14/04/14 11:54] lashtal:Please, re-ask and I will re-answer
[14/04/14 11:54] Kyphis:Does the library know it has the book?
[14/04/14 11:54] Gljivoje:guess not
[14/04/14 11:54] papaver:Is t he content of the book about his own life?
[14/04/14 11:54] lashtal:No!
[14/04/14 11:55] Gljivoje:content is strange and irrelevant, i believe
[14/04/14 11:55] lashtal:Irrelevant papaver, the book has no beginning, no end, and it changes constantly
[14/04/14 11:55] Kyphis:The book is apparently about nothing specific
[14/04/14 11:55] Kyphis:Now... we need to figure out why he wanted to stop reading it. If we can do that, we have the whole story
[14/04/14 11:56] lashtal:Exactly.
[14/04/14 11:56] papaver:Every book has a beginning and an end. First page, last page.
[14/04/14 11:56] lashtal:No papaver, not this one.
[14/04/14 11:56] Kyphis:Contents of the book change constantly, so the first page is not the first page twice
[14/04/14 11:57] lashtal:1 point for you, because it's important to clarify
[14/04/14 11:57] papaver:But there is always a first page.
[14/04/14 11:57] Gljivoje:was his physical health destroyed cause of constant reading and living "in the book"
[14/04/14 11:57] :lashtal smiles
[14/04/14 11:57] lashtal:Nope
[14/04/14 11:58] Kyphis:Did he loose a meaningful amount of sleep over the contents of the book?
[14/04/14 11:58] Gljivoje:did the book start to become his life?
[14/04/14 11:58] lashtal:Yes Kyphis
[14/04/14 11:58] Kyphis:To rephrase Gljivoje, did the book become an obsession?
[14/04/14 11:58] lashtal:Yes, definitely
[14/04/14 11:59] Kyphis:Did he get rid of the book to break the obsession?
[14/04/14 11:59] lashtal:Yes!!!
[14/04/14 11:59] Gljivoje:so he was addicted
[14/04/14 11:59] Kyphis:Was putting the book in the library an attempt to put the book beyond his reach?
[14/04/14 11:59] Gljivoje:like throwing the book on pile of books
[14/04/14 12:00] lashtal:Exactly to both.
[14/04/14 12:00] lashtal:Now...
[14/04/14 12:00] papaver:Didn't he feel sorry for the people reading it after him?
[14/04/14 12:00] Kyphis:Yes, we have the whole story
[14/04/14 12:00] lashtal:Not yet... Why did he choose such a way to get rid of the book?
[14/04/14 12:00] papaver:He should have destroyed it.
[14/04/14 12:01] Gljivoje:well, when you're addicted, you look at yourself mostly
[14/04/14 12:01] Kyphis:Because the appearance of the book also changes
[14/04/14 12:01] Kyphis:And this way he would not be able to find it unless he checked every book
[14/04/14 12:01] Gljivoje:nice one
[14/04/14 12:01] lashtal:Close enough but not yet...
[14/04/14 12:02] lashtal:papaver: He should have destroyed it.
[14/04/14 12:02] lashtal:True enough...
[14/04/14 12:02] Kyphis:Does the appearance of the book change?
[14/04/14 12:02] lashtal:No, just its content.
[14/04/14 12:02] papaver:I thought he hated libraries. So why should he go back?
[14/04/14 12:03] Gljivoje:he doesn't hate them
[14/04/14 12:03] Gljivoje:he avoid the library cause he put the book there
[14/04/14 12:03] Kyphis:Putting the book in the library was an effort not just to make it hard for him to find the book himself, but an effort to let someone else find the book
[14/04/14 12:04] Kyphis:?
[14/04/14 12:04] papaver:Oh.I missed a lot of information.
[14/04/14 12:04] lashtal:Yes to both
[14/04/14 12:04] lashtal:And yes to papaver (:-p)
[14/04/14 12:04] Gljivoje:and snatch it beyond his reach
[14/04/14 12:04] papaver:Why would he make some else an addict?
[14/04/14 12:04] papaver:*someone
[14/04/14 12:05] lashtal:Sorry, I misread.
[14/04/14 12:05] Kyphis:papaver should get a point for the "should have destroyed it", in my opinion :P
[14/04/14 12:05] Gljivoje:he didnt had the strength to destroy it with addiction
[14/04/14 12:05] Gljivoje:theres always that spark
[14/04/14 12:05] lashtal:Wait a minute.
[14/04/14 12:05] Kyphis:It is a good clue
[14/04/14 12:05] Gljivoje:of returning to it
[14/04/14 12:05] papaver:Thanks Kyphis.
[14/04/14 12:06] lashtal:Putting the book in the library was an effort to make it hard for anybody to find the book
[14/04/14 12:06] lashtal:Like hiding a leaf in a forest.
[14/04/14 12:06] papaver:Is it a very big library?
[14/04/14 12:06] lashtal:But I agree with Kyphis, one more point to papaver (that makes 6 points to Kyphis, 3 to Gljivoje and 2 to papaver)
[14/04/14 12:07] lashtal:It is.
[14/04/14 12:07] Kyphis:Is where he put the book in the library relevant (ie "the stack") ?
[14/04/14 12:07] lashtal:Now, why didn't he try to destroy the book instead?
[14/04/14 12:07] Kyphis:Was it possible to destroy the book?
[14/04/14 12:07] papaver:Because it can't be destroyed?
[14/04/14 12:07] Kyphis:Would destroying the book have negative consequences for reality?
[14/04/14 12:08] Gljivoje:i thought he didn't destroy it cause of his obsession
[14/04/14 12:08] lashtal:Kyphis: I don't know and yes, it would have had negative consequences. But it could be destroyed
[14/04/14 12:08] papaver:Would it have consequences for himself?
[14/04/14 12:08] Gljivoje:*i think
[14/04/14 12:09] lashtal:papaver: I guess for him too
[14/04/14 12:09] papaver:But not only for him?
[14/04/14 12:09] Kyphis:Did he want to destroy the book?
[14/04/14 12:09] Gljivoje:did he wanted to return to it with one part, thus lacking the stregth to destroy it?
[14/04/14 12:09] lashtal:No to papaver, yes to Kyphis.
[14/04/14 12:10] lashtal:Nope to Gljivoje
[14/04/14 12:10] Gljivoje:did he hurt himself while hurting the book?
[14/04/14 12:10] papaver:Did he think other people could be helped by the book?
[14/04/14 12:10] Kyphis:Would destroying the book have changed reality in a physical manner (aside from the lack of book) ?
[14/04/14 12:11] lashtal:No to Gljivoje and papaver, yes to Kyphis
[14/04/14 12:12] Kyphis:Would destroying the book have changed reality at a base level (for example change how gravity works) ?
[14/04/14 12:12] papaver:WAs the book about life itself and would destroying it mean the end of life?
[14/04/14 12:12] Gljivoje:so the book is about ongoing present moments of a world
[14/04/14 12:13] Kyphis: (running out of time, got about 10 minutes)
[14/04/14 12:13] Gljivoje:the book is about his reality
[14/04/14 12:13] lashtal:No to both. Take it more literally
[14/04/14 12:13] lashtal:We are SO close now...
[14/04/14 12:13] Gljivoje:the book is a story about him reading it
[14/04/14 12:14] lashtal:Nope.. Why didn't he destroy the book instead of getting rid of it?
[14/04/14 12:14] papaver:Like the neverending story.
[14/04/14 12:14] lashtal:I told you there's no first page and no last page... How would you destroy such a thing?
[14/04/14 12:15] Kyphis:Fire. Duh
[14/04/14 12:15] :lashtal smiles
[14/04/14 12:15] lashtal:So.. Why didn't he set the book on fire?
[14/04/14 12:15] Kyphis:The book is old... is it older than the language that the protagonist reads it in?
[14/04/14 12:15] papaver:Yes, Or a bucket of water and letting it soak voor a few weeks.
[14/04/14 12:16] papaver:*for
[14/04/14 12:16] lashtal:Correct Kyphis
[14/04/14 12:16] Kyphis:The book defines reality in some way?
[14/04/14 12:16] Gljivoje:but still, its a book
[14/04/14 12:16] lashtal:That would have been a good idea papaver.. The protagonist didn't consider that option
[14/04/14 12:16] lashtal:No Kypshis
[14/04/14 12:17] Gljivoje:ah..
[14/04/14 12:17] Kyphis:The contents of the book are defined by the current state of reality?
[14/04/14 12:17] papaver:Is the book about the future in some way?
[14/04/14 12:17] Gljivoje:by thinking of destroying it he set in motion other events in the book
[14/04/14 12:17] lashtal:No/irrelevant. to Kyphis
[14/04/14 12:18] lashtal:No to papaver
[14/04/14 12:18] lashtal:No to Gljivoje
[14/04/14 12:18] papaver:Then he is just a coward.
[14/04/14 12:18] lashtal:Perhaps *grins*
[14/04/14 12:18] Kyphis:The book is older than our measure of reality?
[14/04/14 12:18] Gljivoje:the book has its own will and control more than one mear reader could
[14/04/14 12:19] Gljivoje:but, not really
[14/04/14 12:19] lashtal:Nope to both..
[14/04/14 12:19] lashtal:Would you set on fire a book with an infinite number of pages?
[14/04/14 12:19] papaver:He wants to torture other people
[14/04/14 12:19] Gljivoje:wait a minute, did he tried to burned it or not?
[14/04/14 12:19] Kyphis:Yes. Infinite energy
[14/04/14 12:20] lashtal:He didn't Gljivoje, he considered the idea.
[14/04/14 12:20] Gljivoje:haha, right
[14/04/14 12:20] papaver:A book with an infinite numer of pages is unreadable.
[14/04/14 12:20] Gljivoje:well, he didn't had the heart to destroy something such majestic
[14/04/14 12:21] Kyphis:His choice of Library was significant?
[14/04/14 12:21] lashtal:Both true..
[14/04/14 12:21] Kyphis:*chose
[14/04/14 12:21] Gljivoje:and maybe it will work one someone else differently and not as obsession
[14/04/14 12:21] Gljivoje:someone can use it wisely
[14/04/14 12:21] lashtal:Yes Kyphis, but the implication is not much relevant
[14/04/14 12:21] Gljivoje:but he just become addicted, putting his own life aside
[14/04/14 12:22] Gljivoje:not implemented books knowledge into it in small doses for knowledge
[14/04/14 12:22] papaver:He read in the book he should bring it to the library.
[14/04/14 12:22] lashtal:I don't think it's possible Gljivoje
[14/04/14 12:22] Gljivoje:oh alright
[14/04/14 12:23] Kyphis:Is "read" the correct word for what he did with the book?
[14/04/14 12:23] Gljivoje:so he couldn't find a way to destroy it in his mind?
[14/04/14 12:23] Gljivoje:he didnt even try it
[14/04/14 12:23] Gljivoje:but only consider
[14/04/14 12:24] lashtal:No to Kyphis, yes to Gljvoje
[14/04/14 12:24] Gljivoje:and with that thought he decided to "lost it"
[14/04/14 12:24] Kyphis:Is "absorb" a better word?
[14/04/14 12:24] lashtal:Yes Gljivoje
[14/04/14 12:25] lashtal:Perhaps Kyphis
[14/04/14 12:25] Kyphis:Is he capable of retaining the knowledge the book imparted without exposing himself to the book?
[14/04/14 12:26] Gljivoje:so he struggled, he was exhausted, not much strength to destroy, and decided to lost it, now feeling relieved and avoiding library at all cost
[14/04/14 12:26] papaver:Still doesn't explain WHY he didn't destroy it.
[14/04/14 12:27] lashtal:Good resume Gljivoje, correct papaver
[14/04/14 12:27] lashtal:Kyphis's question is too difficult for me ;-)
[14/04/14 12:27] Kyphis:Ah :P
[14/04/14 12:27] lashtal:I guess it's a no anyway ;-)
[14/04/14 12:28] Gljivoje:so guys, wtf he didn't destory the fucker?
[14/04/14 12:28] Kyphis:When he first began to read the book, did he already have a desire to not?
[14/04/14 12:28] :Gljivoje laughs
[14/04/14 12:29] papaver:I still think somethink in the bookl told him not to.
[14/04/14 12:29] lashtal:I would say his feelings were contrasting... On one way said book is unique and a real treasure, on the other it's an abomination
[14/04/14 12:29] Gljivoje:well he couldn't sleep and was intrigued by the words stranger said him, so he started to read
[14/04/14 12:29] Kyphis:o_O
[14/04/14 12:30] Kyphis:Inherently an abomination?
[14/04/14 12:30] papaver:The man who brought him the book, was he trying to get rid of it too?
[14/04/14 12:30] lashtal:Yes papaver! 1 point for you!
[14/04/14 12:30] Gljivoje:nice one
[14/04/14 12:31] lashtal:An abomination as in: something very strange... an ever changing book with infinite number of pages...
[14/04/14 12:31] Kyphis:ah
[14/04/14 12:32] Gljivoje:did the stranger brought him the book especially, not randomly?
[14/04/14 12:32] papaver:The next person to read it, will he try to get rid of it too?
[14/04/14 12:32] lashtal:Probably yes to both
[14/04/14 12:32] Kyphis:Could he have refused to take the book?
[14/04/14 12:33] Gljivoje:does rpotagonist works in library?
[14/04/14 12:33] lashtal:Oh he could... would you? *grins*
[14/04/14 12:33] papaver:Will there ever be someone who will destroy it?
[14/04/14 12:33] lashtal:I don't know papaver
[14/04/14 12:33] Kyphis:Hahaha, no :P
[14/04/14 12:33] Gljivoje:does protagonist works in library?
[14/04/14 12:34] Kyphis:Then I would not have an infinite source of fire, would I?
[14/04/14 12:34] lashtal:Gljivoje: not exactly but... I cant speak
[14/04/14 12:34] lashtal:YOU would Kyphis!
[14/04/14 12:34] Gljivoje:he has connection with library so does this stranger brought him the book
[14/04/14 12:34] lashtal:Correct
[14/04/14 12:35] lashtal: (PM for you Kyphis)
[14/04/14 12:35] papaver:So he thinks more people should read it.
[14/04/14 12:35] Gljivoje:cause he had the same idea on his mind, about lossing it in books
[14/04/14 12:35] Gljivoje:did he tell him not to read it, but just lose it
[14/04/14 12:35] Kyphis:Does he think it is a book that should ever be read?
[14/04/14 12:36] lashtal:No to everybody
[14/04/14 12:36] papaver:It is only a matter of time before someone finds it in a library.
[14/04/14 12:36] lashtal:Yes papaver
[14/04/14 12:36] Kyphis:Did the stranger think the book should be read?
[14/04/14 12:36] papaver:So it should be read.
[14/04/14 12:37] lashtal:Yes to Kyphis, I don't know to papaver
[14/04/14 12:37] lashtal: (I would want such a book in my collection!)
[14/04/14 12:37] Gljivoje:if its a book, its purpose is to be red
[14/04/14 12:38] papaver:I think Kyphis and I mean the same.
[14/04/14 12:38] Kyphis:The stranger was the one with the connection to the library, yes?
[14/04/14 12:38] lashtal:Not necessarily. Take a cursed book, its purpose is to curse the reader
[14/04/14 12:38] Kyphis:Not quite, pap
[14/04/14 12:38] lashtal:Nope, not the stranger
[14/04/14 12:39] Gljivoje:no, the protagonist is library-connected
[14/04/14 12:39] Gljivoje:it is cursed, but its meant to be read
[14/04/14 12:39] lashtal:Yes Gljivoje! But no, the curse can be triggered by just opening it...
[14/04/14 12:39] lashtal:Anyway, it's not a cursed book
[14/04/14 12:39] Kyphis: ("read" is not the correct word)
[14/04/14 12:39] papaver:But somehow the content is.
[14/04/14 12:40] Kyphis:Is "experience" a better word?
[14/04/14 12:40] Gljivoje:depends on the reader and its perception of things
[14/04/14 12:40] lashtal:It is, Kyphis
[14/04/14 12:40] lashtal:That's another mystery to unveil, why can't we say "read"?
[14/04/14 12:41] lashtal:And once again, why not setting it on fire?
[14/04/14 12:41] lashtal:Answer these for 2 points each!
[14/04/14 12:41] Kyphis:Read is a voluntary action, we choose what we experience. "Experience" in this case means it "decides" what we learn, not us
[14/04/14 12:42] papaver:Because the smoke particles of the book would do more damage.
[14/04/14 12:42] Gljivoje:bending reality
[14/04/14 12:42] lashtal:No to both
[14/04/14 12:42] Gljivoje:experience is something new, reading a plain book is an experience but in certain imagination boundaries
[14/04/14 12:43] Kyphis:Read suggests we take the action, it happens automatically while we observe?
[14/04/14 12:43] lashtal:Something else is implied in the act of "reading"
[14/04/14 12:43] Kyphis: (the information is conveyed directly to the mind)
[14/04/14 12:43] Kyphis: (without language to interpret)
[14/04/14 12:43] lashtal:Aha!
[14/04/14 12:44] papaver:Reading meand liking, or else you would stop.
[14/04/14 12:44] Gljivoje:living, like being there actually, not just imgaine it as reading a normal book
[14/04/14 12:44] Kyphis:Information without language
[14/04/14 12:44] papaver:*means
[14/04/14 12:44] lashtal:I wish I could speak... You're all so close...
[14/04/14 12:44] Gljivoje:yeah, Kyphis is on good trail
[14/04/14 12:45] Kyphis:The raw information, not a representation of the information
[14/04/14 12:45] Gljivoje:words create stereotypes connected toour previous experiences
[14/04/14 12:45] papaver:It is a book with pictures?
[14/04/14 12:45] Kyphis:No
[14/04/14 12:45] lashtal:Yes papaver
[14/04/14 12:45] Gljivoje:and this is actually feeling and exsisting while looking at the book
[14/04/14 12:45] Kyphis:Eh? you told me no!
[14/04/14 12:45] lashtal:Not mainly pictures, but it does have them
[14/04/14 12:45] papaver:Only pictures?
[14/04/14 12:45] papaver:Okay.
[14/04/14 12:45] Gljivoje:cosmical feelings of understanding
[14/04/14 12:45] lashtal:No, occasional pictures
[14/04/14 12:46] Kyphis:Ah, I see the difference now :P
[14/04/14 12:46] papaver:Do the pictures change too?
[14/04/14 12:46] lashtal: :)
[14/04/14 12:46] lashtal:Yes papaver
[14/04/14 12:47] papaver:They explain the text?
[14/04/14 12:47] Gljivoje:ah, i must leave, dammit
[14/04/14 12:47] :papaver grins
[14/04/14 12:47] Gljivoje:good luck you two, have a good one
[14/04/14 12:47] lashtal:I don't know papaver, and this is a clue
[14/04/14 12:48] lashtal:Thanks for participating Gljivoje, you'll be rewarded!
[14/04/14 12:48] Kyphis:You helped a lot :P
[14/04/14 12:48] papaver:They make some imprint on the brain?
[14/04/14 12:48] Gljivoje:it was a real pleasure, nice quest lashtal, later all
[14/04/14 12:48] papaver:Bye Glji!
[14/04/14 12:49] lashtal:Some imprint on the brain? What do you mean?
[14/04/14 12:49] Kyphis:Grr... I have the story written up (far longer than you said, lashtal!) , but need the last detail of the nature of the book
[14/04/14 12:49] Kyphis:The information is conveyed directly to the brain, without need to interpret the language it is in? Its meaning is inherently understood
[14/04/14 12:49] papaver:They make you do things or leave things?
[14/04/14 12:50] lashtal:My mistake, I underestimated the quantity of details that could be taken to surface
[14/04/14 12:50] Kyphis:I'll bet you did :P
[14/04/14 12:51] lashtal:I honestly don't know how to answer without spoiling the last detail
[14/04/14 12:51] papaver:Does reaching a picture make the text change?
[14/04/14 12:51] lashtal:No papaver
[14/04/14 12:52] papaver:But they are a kind of counterpoints?
[14/04/14 12:52] Kyphis:So... in response to my last question, you are unable to answer yes or no?
[14/04/14 12:52] lashtal:The book doesn't act telepatically, it needs to be read in order to be understood. But you can experience the book even if you don't understand it.
[14/04/14 12:53] papaver:ARe the pictures important?
[14/04/14 12:54] lashtal:I don't know, I don't even know if they are related to the text!
[14/04/14 12:54] lashtal:Now, how could I possibly NOT know that?
[14/04/14 12:54] papaver:Do they trigger things?
[14/04/14 12:54] Kyphis:Grr... I want to PM you my interpretation of the story, but you have said you will ignore all PMs for the quest
[14/04/14 12:55] lashtal:No papaver
[14/04/14 12:55] lashtal:If it's too long to be said in chat I accept the PM, no worries
[14/04/14 12:55] papaver:SO you didn't read the book.
[14/04/14 12:55] Kyphis:Sent
[14/04/14 12:56] Kyphis:I know I am still missing the last detail...
[14/04/14 12:56] lashtal:If you mean "read" literally.. As in understanding what is written.. I didn't
[14/04/14 12:57] Kyphis: (the contents of the book are not explicitly stated in the story, just their nature)
[14/04/14 12:58] papaver:Is it a book of choices? Posing choices for the reader?
[14/04/14 12:59] Kyphis:lashtal, if my version is good so far, let me know and I will post it in chat as well, so papaver can have better odds of hitting the last detail
[14/04/14 12:59] papaver:Tyhanks!
[14/04/14 12:59] lashtal:You can post it, just omit the 2 lines I underlined
[14/04/14 13:00] Kyphis:Dont say that first sentence either :P
[14/04/14 13:00] Kyphis:Let pap figure that out
[14/04/14 13:00] lashtal:Sure, game is still open!
[14/04/14 13:01] Kyphis:The man hears a knock at the door, and opens it to find a stranger. The stranger comes inside and offers him the book, explaining its properties.
[14/04/14 13:01] Kyphis:He takes the book, and reads it that night, confirming what the stranger has told him - the book has no begining, no end, and the contents are always changing.
[14/04/14 13:01] Kyphis:The book is about everything. Its age is beyond our knowing.
[14/04/14 13:01] Kyphis:Over the next few months, he continues to experience the book, while both his apprehension at its abnormal nature, and obsession with its contents grows stronger.
[14/04/14 13:01] Kyphis:Eventually, his abhorance of the book wins out, and he contemplates destroying it. However, knowing this would have dire consequences, he settles for hiding it in a place that he knows well...
[14/04/14 13:01] Kyphis:... , a large library.
[14/04/14 13:02] Kyphis:His hope is that the book will never be experienced again, and he is relieved that it would be hard for him, or anyone else, to ever find in the library.
[14/04/14 13:02] Kyphis:He resolves not to return to that library, as well.
[14/04/14 13:02] Kyphis: (fin)
[14/04/14 13:02] lashtal: *smiles* Correct.
[14/04/14 13:03] papaver:Is it a book about peoples thoughts?
[14/04/14 13:03] Kyphis:papaver, I encourage you to try and put what I have said, and your own understanding, in your own words. It might help us see more clues we are missing
[14/04/14 13:04] papaver:I'll do my best.
[14/04/14 13:04] lashtal:We don't really know what the book is really about. Nobody knows, neither the protagonist nor the stranger
[14/04/14 13:04] papaver:ANd he has read it for months!
[14/04/14 13:05] Kyphis:The book has no specific topic, so far as we can understand
[14/04/14 13:05] papaver:Does it work on brains? Makes you a different person?
[14/04/14 13:05] Kyphis: (I am out of time as of 20 minutes ago)
[14/04/14 13:06] lashtal:I'm sorry Kyphis, but thanks for participating!
[14/04/14 13:06] papaver:Bye Kyphis!
[14/04/14 13:06] lashtal:Everything may work on brains and change people, but I'd say it's irrelevant for our story.
[14/04/14 13:07] lashtal: (use acoustic remain please!)
[14/04/14 13:07] papaver: (How?)
[14/04/14 13:07] Kyphis: (I'm not going anywhere, just need to stop paying as much attention/contributing as often)
[14/04/14 13:07] Kyphis: (he was asking me, papaver :P)
[14/04/14 13:07] lashtal: (all right then!)
[14/04/14 13:08] papaver:The reader finds the book scary or his addiction?
[14/04/14 13:12] lashtal:I'd say both
[14/04/14 13:13] papaver:How can he find it scary if he doesn't know what it is about?
[14/04/14 13:14] lashtal:The fact this book is endless and ever-changing is enough to scare the protagonist
[14/04/14 13:15] lashtal:Anyway.. Two missing details only:
[14/04/14 13:15] papaver:I asked before if it were peoples thoughts in it? Ever fluctuating.
[14/04/14 13:16] lashtal:Why not setting the book on fire? Why we can't really say the characters "read" the book?
[14/04/14 13:16] papaver:Is it a kind of portal?
[14/04/14 13:18] lashtal:No, why, it's just a normal book with an infinite number of ever-changing pages..
[14/04/14 13:18] Kyphis:Instead of acting as a vehicle for the information, would it be more accurate to say the book is a prison?
[14/04/14 13:18] lashtal:I wouldn't say so
[14/04/14 13:19] Kyphis:Would it be accurate to say that the information can be considered as existing seperate to the book?
[14/04/14 13:20] papaver:I thought we had that answers. It is valuable and should be read ...
[14/04/14 13:20] papaver:And reading should be experiencing.
[14/04/14 13:21] papaver:Is the book the man himself? burning the book would be burning himself?
[14/04/14 13:21] lashtal:Can you two read aramaic? *smirks*
[14/04/14 13:21] Kyphis: *cough* yes
[14/04/14 13:22] lashtal:No papaver, it's just a book, nothing metaphoric
[14/04/14 13:22] lashtal:Sanscrit? Japanese?
[14/04/14 13:22] papaver:Only a little Chinese.
[14/04/14 13:22] Kyphis:I can read Japanese, can't understand it though (I know the sounds the symbols make, not the words)
[14/04/14 13:23] Kyphis:No to sanscrit
[14/04/14 13:23] papaver:Lasthal, why don't you answer my question about the thought? I have posed it 2 now.
[14/04/14 13:24] papaver:*thoughts
[14/04/14 13:24] lashtal:I must have missed it, sorry.
[14/04/14 13:24] lashtal:Can you re-ask it?
[14/04/14 13:25] Kyphis: (papaver, if you can get those last two answers I think that your points will be equal to, maybe greater than, mine. They are two points each)
[14/04/14 13:25] lashtal: (confirmed, Kyphis 6, papaver and Gljivoje 3)
[14/04/14 13:26] lashtal:Also, Kyphis's sum up is on the forum thread for reference
[14/04/14 13:27] Gljivoje:that two questions still stands?
[14/04/14 13:27] Kyphis:Yes
[14/04/14 13:27] lashtal:Yes
[14/04/14 13:28] lashtal:Why not burning it? Why can't we really say they "read" the book?
[14/04/14 13:28] Kyphis:Are you familiar with the webcomic "Looking for Group", lashtal?
[14/04/14 13:29] lashtal:I'm afraid I'm not
[14/04/14 13:29] Kyphis:In that story, there is a book of knowledge. Reading the book can give you access to any knowledge
[14/04/14 13:29] papaver:I asked if the book just showed peoples thoughts, which are ever fluctuating.
[14/04/14 13:29] lashtal:Then no papaver, we don't know what the book is about.
[14/04/14 13:29] Kyphis:If the book is destroyed, then the knowledge is transferred to the minds of everyone in existance
[14/04/14 13:29] papaver:You experience them rather then read them.
[14/04/14 13:30] Kyphis:Is the book in this story like that? Its destruction would remove the limitations on the knowledge it can present?
[14/04/14 13:30] lashtal:Interesting, but no to both.
[14/04/14 13:31] :papaver laughs
[14/04/14 13:31] papaver:Can I quit?
[14/04/14 13:31] papaver:This is making me crazy.
[14/04/14 13:31] Gljivoje:does he want ot burn it but physically can't or he does not want to burn it because some of his own reasons?
[14/04/14 13:31] Kyphis:Hmm.. for reading... the information is recorded in an unknown language, but as you look at it your brain automatically works to understand it?
[14/04/14 13:31] lashtal:Well, you can.. But if you don't you are classified 2nd or 3rd
[14/04/14 13:32] Gljivoje:look it as two separet questions
[14/04/14 13:32] papaver:Hmmm, I'll stay.
[14/04/14 13:32] Kyphis:So reading it is wrong because the language is not known, it is more like interpretting it?
[14/04/14 13:32] lashtal:Gljivoje: he decided not to.
[14/04/14 13:33] Kyphis: (destorying the book is possible, but appears to have negative consequences)
[14/04/14 13:33] lashtal:Kyphis: correct! Nobody knows what language the book was written in
[14/04/14 13:33] Kyphis:Ah :P
[14/04/14 13:33] lashtal:That makes 2 points for you. Kyphis 8, papaver and Gljivoje 3
[14/04/14 13:34] Gljivoje:if he's connected somehow to library, that means he have emotions towards books somehow in general. so maybe he does not want to destroy such unique book.
[14/04/14 13:34] lashtal:Last 2 points available, last question, why he decided not to burn it?
[14/04/14 13:35] lashtal:Correct but not the main reason
[14/04/14 13:35] papaver:I said that before. He thinks it should be experienced and it is valuable.
[14/04/14 13:36] lashtal:Nope, and that's why he hides it in the library. He hopes nobody will find it in a long long time
[14/04/14 13:36] Kyphis:Hmm... the stranger thought the book should be read, but he himself thinks it should not, yes?
[14/04/14 13:37] lashtal:Exactly
[14/04/14 13:37] Kyphis:So... I think if we can find why the stranger thought it should be read, we can find why he decided not to destroy it
[14/04/14 13:37] papaver:I bet the book will be found in one day.
[14/04/14 13:37] Kyphis:Is that a fair assumption?
[14/04/14 13:37] lashtal:Sounds logical but no.
[14/04/14 13:37] Gljivoje:and why the stranger gave the book particulary to this guy who's connected with library
[14/04/14 13:38] papaver:It looks old and valuable, someone will pick it from the shelf.
[14/04/14 13:38] Kyphis:So... his reason for deciding not to destroy it is not the same as the strangers reason for why it should be read
[14/04/14 13:38] papaver:Unless the library is closed.
[14/04/14 13:38] Gljivoje:well, the guy knows library so he hide it somewhere safe i suppose
[14/04/14 13:38] Kyphis:Yes, the stranger did not pick this man at random
[14/04/14 13:38] Kyphis:Is the library closed?
[14/04/14 13:39] lashtal:It's not. It's just huge.
[14/04/14 13:39] Gljivoje:is it Necrovion library *smiles*
[14/04/14 13:39] lashtal:I wish it was...
[14/04/14 13:39] papaver:Which means there are a lot of people every day.
[14/04/14 13:39] Kyphis:Ah. So it is Loreroot library then?
[14/04/14 13:40] papaver:Or the Archives.
[14/04/14 13:40] Gljivoje:one book to rule them all... one by one
[14/04/14 13:40] lashtal:Ahahah no no, the story could be set in the realm, but originally it's not
[14/04/14 13:40] lashtal:Do not over-think this, it's much easier than you imagine
[14/04/14 13:40] Kyphis:Ch, I was trying to steer the conversation to say it must be MDA, as there are no other libraries in MD :P
[14/04/14 13:41] papaver:AH, their strength is their weakness.
[14/04/14 13:41] Gljivoje:he won't burn it cause he's affraid of fire
[14/04/14 13:41] :Gljivoje laughs
[14/04/14 13:42] lashtal:Getting closer...
[14/04/14 13:42] Kyphis:He was afraid to not be able to access the knowledge - he could only bring himself to let it go because he had the option to change his mind?
[14/04/14 13:42] Kyphis:Sounds wrong to me
[14/04/14 13:42] Gljivoje:i think we complicate it too much
[14/04/14 13:42] lashtal:Nope..
[14/04/14 13:43] lashtal:Keep it simple.. What's wrong in burning an infinity of pages?
[14/04/14 13:43] Gljivoje:great fire
[14/04/14 13:43] papaver:You get an infinite fire.
[14/04/14 13:43] Kyphis:He was afraid he would not be able to put it out
[14/04/14 13:43] lashtal:There you go!!
[14/04/14 13:43] Gljivoje:he's affraid that library would catch fire, and all books would be burned
[14/04/14 13:44] Kyphis:Wait, so its really what I have been saying the whole time? Hahahahaha!
[14/04/14 13:44] Kyphis:His reason for not burning it is my reason for!
[14/04/14 13:44] lashtal:He considered burning it before abandoning it to the Library..
[14/04/14 13:44] Gljivoje:yes, of course
[14/04/14 13:44] Gljivoje:but he thought it would burn infinitely, but is it true?
[14/04/14 13:44] papaver:He could have done it somewhere outside near a river.
[14/04/14 13:45] Kyphis:Water doesn't put out all fires
[14/04/14 13:45] lashtal:Gjlivoje got it first, unless I missed something
[14/04/14 13:45] Kyphis:Sometimes it makes them much bigger
[14/04/14 13:45] papaver:Oh, here it does.
[14/04/14 13:45] lashtal:He thought it would burn infinitely
[14/04/14 13:46] Kyphis:Unless it was said ages ago, yes Gljivoje said it first
[14/04/14 13:46] Gljivoje:i'm glad we summed this story up
[14/04/14 13:46] papaver:That was what I said. Glji said big fire.
[14/04/14 13:46] Kyphis:The intent behind the words, papaver :P
[14/04/14 13:46] Gljivoje:hah, i don't care
[14/04/14 13:47] lashtal:I will look at the logs to check who got it first..
[14/04/14 13:47] Kyphis:Damn good quest, lashtal. And damn good work, Gljivoje and papaver!
[14/04/14 13:47] lashtal:But for now, I thank you all for participating.
[14/04/14 13:47] Kyphis:I'll take a log in a moment
[14/04/14 13:47] papaver:You did the most.
[14/04/14 13:47] lashtal:If you enjoyed it, I have a couple more stories for next days.
[14/04/14 13:47] papaver:You 2 were halfway when I joined.
[14/04/14 13:47] Gljivoje:give points to papaver, lashtal, its alright.
[14/04/14 13:48] Gljivoje:a i really enjoyed it, nice one
[14/04/14 13:48] Kyphis:I would love you to run one tomorrow, lashtal
[14/04/14 13:48] lashtal:Don't worry about that, I think all of you will get nice prizes
[14/04/14 13:48] lashtal:Then I will. Same time?
[14/04/14 13:49] Kyphis:I am running a story night starting at 10ST
[14/04/14 13:49] Kyphis:How late are you up?
[14/04/14 13:49] Gljivoje:i hope i'll manage to participate
[14/04/14 13:49] lashtal:Maybe another time then..
[14/04/14 13:50] Kyphis:The MDA has events begining at 2:30ST, 10ST, and 20ST
[14/04/14 13:50] lashtal:Tomorrow 10 s.t. is fine for me, it's usually the time I get up
[14/04/14 13:50] Kyphis:Would you be able to do 13 or 14ST?
[14/04/14 13:52] Kyphis: (updated my summary for you)
[14/04/14 13:52] lashtal:I'd prefer to start either at 10 s.t. or around 1 s.t.
[14/04/14 13:52] lashtal:The day can be arranged[/spoiler]
Based on this, here are the results:
1st place: Kyphis (8 points + correct resume of the whole story)
2nd place: papaver: (5 points, after re-reading the logs I realized she answered more accurately to the last question. Plus, she was unlucky to join 2 hours late)
3rd place: Gljivoje (3 points, but his role was crucial in several turning points, too bad he had to leave..)
I will announce the prizes "soon"!!!
Keep partying!
Edit: forgot to mention, if you enjoyed the story, here's the tale I took inspiration from (read: brutalized): J.L.Borges' "The book of sand".



Edited by lashtal
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In the spirit of "let's do it again", I will run a similar contest tomorrow (wed apr 16), inside Necrovion.

Exact time to be arranged, based also on people's preferences. I can run it either around 1 s.t. tonight or after 10 s.t. tomorrow.


The fact is, there's a huge GG drachorn tainting my Necrovion-only collection, therefore I'm willing to award it to the one who figures out the story behind my ending line.


Have fun!



Edit: Work issues came across, I will run this last manche tonight around 1 s.t.

Edited by lashtal
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This last manche was harder!!

We had more participants and a strange story I hope you enjoyed.


Our protagonist was named Tipu, any reference to existing Tipus is purely accidental.  :P


The line I read was: Tipu collect fenths. Shortly after, he facepalms and whimpers: what a goose am I!


The story behind it: [spoiler]MagicDuel is 99 years old, and like all the old living organisms, it seems close to die.

Tipu has been spending days and nights roaming the realm in search of someone to fight with, but with no luck. It seems Tipu is the only one left.
One day, he gives up and decide to sac all his creatures.

Tipu collect fenths. Shortly after, he facepalms and whimpers: what a goose am I!

Someone, somewhere, just bursted.


The winners:


Clock Master (3 points + answered final question) - awarded GG drachorn


Sunfire, Assira the Black, theRichMerchant (3 points each)

Lania, BFH (2 points each)

Haedrin, Ars Alchemy (1 point each)


The other prizes include a soulweaver, a wiiya bubble, necrovion creatures, memory stones + rewards sponsored by Council


I will disclose and deliver them as soon as possible.

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