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Pending Artworks


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The purpose of this topic is to work together as a community to help identifying which artworks are pending ingame. This will eventually help council commission someone to do them or to poke Mur about them :)


I will start with some samples:


General Profile (Stats)


1. Herbalism (18x18 pixels)

2. Finesse (18x18 pixels)

3. Volition (18x18 pixels)


Housing 33 (Alliance)


1. Main Logo (140x140 pixels)

-Copy needed (70x70 pixels)


If you see a shared item without its image please add it to the list and specify item code.


Note: While you can wait on Chew or Council to do this kind of stuffs, you can also accelerate the process and help them with small things like this. Remember, MD is a community driven game and the other admin out there is you.

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If you see a shared item without its image please add it to the list and specify item code.


Item Code is displayed when you are gathering the item from its original location. If you gathered it already providing the item name and id is enough. [Don't post any ITC :D]


Note: I include those in this list because they are common use items and are used widely on the game. Council as always when the time comes will decide if they will or not commission those artworks or if they will bug Mur for them :)

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General Profile (Stats)
1. Filtering (18x18 pixels)
2. Waterhandling (18x18 pixels)

Shared Items Without Images
1. Box of rainbow candies (id: 18836, 18838)
2. Necrovion Pass Papers (id: 20484, 20485, 20486, 20499)
3. Sand Melter (id: 15196, 15197, 15198, 15199)
4. NC Land Cleanser (id: 17498, 17500)
5. Large Bucket (id: 9445, 13604)
6. Pair of 12-sided Dice (id: 16516)
7. Pair of 20-sided Dice (id: 16517)
8. Twenty sided Dice (id: 16519)
9. 12-sided Dice (id: 16522)
10. MB Land Cleanser (id: 17486, 17491, 17503)


I'm not sure about the image sizes for items. There are more items ids then those above but these are the ids I have found so far. I will add more after I rid the papers from my inventory page so that I can access the shared item page in Necro. Am I right to assume that the numbers under "CODE" in the shared item locations are their IDs? I've picked up the items to test.. it seems so but can anyone confirm it, just in case?


Edit: Added more items. Hope I haven't made an error somewhere.


Edit2: Wait.. by Item Code, you mean the full string of words and numbers under CODE in the shared item locations not just the id? :unsure: If I am mistaken I will rectify the list.... :( Sorry! I can be stupid...

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