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The Mad Scientist (I)


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Hello! This is the first quest of a series of quests I'm planning, called The Mad Scientist!


It is a clicky-adventure quest involving the player to go around the realm, not necessarily all lands. I will announce the magic words to start the quest here in this post, anytime between 19ST and 22ST on the 16th of August, but the quest will run till the 20th of August.


Everyone who manages to complete the quest will get a certain reward (thanks to TK for sponsorship!) based on their final score in the quest, with the reward increasing as you increase your score. Completing each task scores one point. Also, I will award 1 gold to the first 3 people who complete the quest with 3 points (thats the maximum you can get). In other words, this quest is a race at first for an extra prize but everyone will win something on completion :)



1) No alts from one person allowed

2) Please give feedback when completed

3) Have fun!

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Since the timings clash with Lania's quest, I have decided that I will announce the passphrase after her quest when it ends. That way, if someone wants to be first in getting 3 points but doesn't want to miss Lania's quest either, s/he doesn't have to worry :)

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A problem has been detected and the quest cannot run until it is solved.


Since darkraptor has done the coding, and is on vacation till the 18th, this quest is put on hold and will not run till announced.



Apologies to everyone.

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.....aaaaand over!


Congrats to samon, AmberRune and Lania who were the first 3 with 3 points, and Lintara who scored 2 points!


Rewards will be given out by TK, which are teleport to paper cabin stones made from the teleportation powder :))


Apart from that, I am looking for the first 3 winners to award them their gold!



Thank you all who participated. And big special thanks to darkraptor for the coding!


Sadly, there was low participation and I was slightly disappointed, as I spent quite some time making the quest and darky spent valuable time on the coding. Even from those who did participate, there were complaints that the quest is unfair and East citizens have an advantage. Well, this was all you guys had to do:


1) Answer 833 to the orc for flying beans

2) Search MB and Loreroot back exit path for fish heads

3) Talk to the traveler at Wind's Game, then just go to statuehall door, and turn back and talk again for pixie dust!


If you read exactly what each clicky said, you'd realize :)


I tried my best to make it as fair as possible, and it saddens me that people did not see it so, and I will try to express it now. At least, from Ailith's survey (http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15472-survey-to-help-future-quests/), I thought people wanted this kind of thing... but no, does the community want a quest that's a piece of cake with no challenges or difficulties? In that case, isn't every single quest unfair in some way? The definition of the word quest itself contains "long and arduous". People were free to prepare cake, tea or gather a few pickles before the quest started, since it was not immediate.


At least in such clicky quests, it is possible to finish the task, even if its easier for some (though you could make it equally easy if you did something like prepare tea, rather than just sitting there and complaning). What about drawing quests for those (like me) who have zero drawing skills, or writing quests for those who cannot speak good english? Do you hear them complaning? :(


I tried to be careful and though I'd done it fairly. Personally I thought this quest was quite easy, compared to the clicky quests I've seen in the past. I don't mind negative feedback at all, but come on, it has to have some logic or proper reasoning behind it...


Speaking of which, if there is any constructive feedback, please do post here :)

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  • Root Admin

Dont end a quest slating people who didnt understand, or were not able to comprehend what you wanted to happen. Perhaps you were not clear as you originally thought.

Know there will always be people who can excel at one task or other, but dont end your quest being condescending, it puts a damper on proceedings.

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