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Assira the Black

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On Septmber 13th at MDST 19 I will hold a talk or seminar about Deception. Anyone is welcome to come. At this event to those who wish to further research this, I will give an assignment.


If you are interested in knowing more, contact me.



Assira the Black

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Thank you, Burns.

Thank you all for your interest. I will postpone it for a little bit so that people can focus on the festivities. Plus I do not want to add to the confusion with being wishywashy (going back and forth on making a decision.

With this overall are Saturdays or Sundays best for people and at what mdst?

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College of Darkness- Deception


For the next month I wish to talk with people on their views of how deception is used.


Whether a group of people get together to talk amongst themselves or cross my path and wish to talk about it, then that is perfectly fine. I just ask that if you meet in a small group then you send me a log of it and I will answer any questions that I can.


This way discussions are not limited to my time zone.


After I accumulate 'discussion' logs, I will combine it into main points and post here with the names of the people who said it (unless you say that you do not want your name written down).


The purpose of this is to get people thinking and it is a homework of sorts. I could give another talk but I think this will be more involved and let others join in when I am not around.


If you do not want to join a group discussion then you can PM me with your thoughts.


*repeats* The main topic is: Ways deception is used.


-Assira the Black

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