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(Act now!) Free Aged Creatures 326-478 age+


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11 knators

4 barren souls

4 water beings

8 remains

1 grasan


Act quickly, since I'm going to free up space for creatures to sacrifice for heat soon. Was going to sacrifice them anyways, but if someone wants a couple, they can have them and I'll soon sacrifice the rest.


Edit: Will sacrifice them once I get out of Necrovion and my APs are almost regenned.

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At howling gates. Also, getting briskness boosts, so I don't need to get rid of them instantly anymore. All those who can get the remains normally are welcome to them. If you lie about your age, then that's your fault and people might not like you because of that. I'm not going to bother trying to check every Mp3 and Mp4s active days.

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