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looking for avy

Eara Meraia

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I am looking for an avatar for my character Time Patrol. It doesnt have to be the best drawing in the world but it has to be related to time and his role as a treasure keeper. If you think you have (or could draw) one meeting the criteria, please contact me ingame or via forum so we can discuss it.

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i dont think avatar uploads are going to get done as per ann. 3123




Read the announcement im just writing :P

Ann. 3138 - [2014-10-05 17:07:26 - Stage 12] Posted By Chewett 
After discussion with Mur, any code for MD is good code. I dont have enough time to fully work on A25 but I will work on bits and pieces unrelated to it, along with slowly doing A25 things. I have planned some time "soon" where I will have some time to work on it more fully. While I wasnt working on anything but A25 MD stopped in its development. We hope some people will have more respect for the work we all do for MD.


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