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[Tutorial] Mute all MD sounds

Ary Endleg

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Okay people, I finally found the solution for those of you who are annoyed with MD sounds. Be it chat, items, spells or attacks, this method will block them ALL. Unfortunately you can't be picky and block everything except chat, it's block all or nothing.
This is for FireFox users.

Download the BlockSite Add-on

Restart Firefox

In BlockSite add-on options add this link under Blacklist "magicduel.com/img/interface/sounds.swf"

Refresh the MD tab

Magic, sound is gone.


MD uses that file for all sounds, so you block it and all annoying MD sound is gone.

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  • Root Admin

Yeah, I considered this as an option telling people but I didnt point this out since I didnt want people blocking parts of MD to "help", but it does technically work...


Anyone doing stuff like this will get no help from me supportwise if their MD starts acting oddly, since you are altering it.

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  • Root Admin

In short - we all should first disable any adblock/siteblock/similar block addons/plugins prior testing a bug and reporting. Where is the "Report a bug" tutorial?


No, Adblock wont actually affect MD, nor will prettymuch any of the blocking ones since we dont actually have any content that is blockable. The only issues comes when people use noscript and block stuff like off-site scripts, but they again will encounter a load of issues and probably will realise this.


If you start individually blocking elements of MD, then I cant really debug your specific problems. This is due to an issue last time when someone "bypasses" cloudflare, and when we changed IP they couldnt access it. I wasted a load of time trying to fix it for them and then they realised they had done this, and that was the reason. I might have a look, but you just open yourself to issues when you start deciding what you are going to block on MD.

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