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Congratulations mya


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So, I just wanted to congratulate mya for her caring and love and all the nice stuff she does for her former gotr mates. As soon as she was out of the ally (and no, as much as you like to think you're so important mya that the ally was taken over because of you, I must disappoint you: it was not aka you're not the target or the reason, you're not that important) she jumped to woodcutters leaving all her mates out! EXTREMELY caring! This is exactly what a good consul would do! Hide their a** and not care for the others. You're an inspiration! Oh! be our captain!


NONE of the other former gotr joined woodcutter except for her. They all settled for citizenship while she could not because she's too damn important to be badgeless.


Again: CONGRATZ! You showed again what a true leader you are!

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  • Root Admin

This is harassment and is closed.


Im leaving this message here to remind people. You want to do this kind of thing? I will ban you.


If you want to raise a query why a leader has joined another alliance, then feel free to, nicely.

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