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I have decided to sell off some of my old creatures. ID numbers added. Bid will be posted here. As you can see most creatures are originals of mine.  Most are 5+ years. If want anon, just mail me and I will post for you.  List is as follows: 


Timmy, 20sc Ledah) "SOLD"  *TRANSFERRED*

6 Year Colored Imp Armor

ID: 719460

Age: 1300

Heat: 339476


Roudolf, (5g Rheagar) "SOLD"  *TRANSFERRED*


ID: 602513

Age: 1782

Heat: 5793311

Tokens: Claw I, Claw III, Bloop Drop 1 2 and 3, stardust, antifreeze, Emeral Glare, Onyx fangs, Gold Belt, Dark Shield


Al Capone, (2 gold 5sc Nad)    "SOLD"  *TRANSFERRED*

Vampire *edit, Colored Soul Weaver*

ID: 606747

Age: 1728

Heat: 4858219

Tokens: Emeral Glare, Kelletha Fire, Bloop Drop 1 and 2, Black Tear, Claw III, Onyx, Dark Shield


Nutcracker, (2g Syrian)  "SOLD"

ID: 598201

Age: 1706

heat: 111762


Pimped Grasan (5sc CM)  "SOLD"  *TRANSFERRED*

ID: 550408

Age: 1915

Heat: 2523645

Tokens: Onxy fangs, Black Tear, Claw III, Bloop Drop 1 and 2, gold belt, dark shield, star dust, antifreeze, Kelleth Fire, Dark Sky


*edit added*

Nacho Libre  (1G CM)  "SOLD"  *TRANSFERRED*

Colored Armor 2008 edition

ID: 609820

Age: 1770

Heat: 2666767

Tokens: Antifreeze, Blood Drop 1 2 and 3, Gold Belt, Sunshine, Claw III, Stardust, Emeral Glare, Dark Sky


Day Dreamer (3sc Ailith)   "SOLD"  *DONATED*

Black and White Joker

ID: 696408

Age: 969

Heat: 196939



ID: 797936

Age: 684

Heat: 5216


Elrond (7sc Vaylorn)   "SOLD"   *TRANSFERRED*
Loreroot Archer

ID: 593511

Age: 1806

Heat: 630726

Tokens: Antifreeze, Stardust, Blood Drop 1 and 2, Emeral Glare, Onyx fang, Black Tear, Gold Belt, ClawIII

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Soulweaver http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/745


Also, i might like the nutcracker, if it has the right id. Yes, i'm one of those perculiar people who need their collections in a specific order to be valuable.

606k - 610k would be great.

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