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Fourth Step: The Quest!


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This is most likely the hardest bit for any player at all, but if you hold on to one of the bigger rewards the game has to offer, you need to be able to make enjoyable quests.


That doesn't mean you need to do it all on your own. For example, i've teamed up with Nimrodel to produce her big story-driven quests, and before i got access to the charms, i regularly built quests in cooperation with others. Sometimes you run out of ideas an need to get creative input from somewhere, or you need people to play roles in your quests.


Since this is the biggest, and most time-intensive part, i've picked this one to run in february, when most students should have a the biggest amount of time to spare, and the least amount of exams coming closer. It's going to run for 6 weeks, which means it's well into the time when i'll have the hardest time to be around and help you, but i'm fairly sure i can work that out :)


Your task is to fashion a quest that you would consider worth a drachorn charm. You need to make a design, you need to figure out how it could work, and you need to have everything ready to execute it, too. If it requires coded clickies, make sure to have everything in order so it can start on short notice, if it requires people to work during the quest, plan for the execution during march.


I'll be reachable via forum PM to help you along whenever you need it, but i won't do the clickies for anybody. My job is to help you do it yourself, not to do it for you. If you require me to play a small part in your quest, however, i'll behave like any other player, which also means i might deny helping you out if i'm not happy with the role you want to give me.


This is a huge task, don't underestimate it. The bad part is, if you think about it all the time, you'll narrow down into a tunnel and be unable to fulfil the creative elements a quest needs.


I want all participants to be ready to execute their quests by March 15th. The only reason i can't let you run them as you like is because i don't want to flood MD with 3-5 different quests in the second week of March, if some of you are finished before that time, we can start doing them earlier, otherwise we'll look for a scheduling that befits your other obligations.


And make sure to keep me in the loop of the things you're doing. I don't want to hear about every single idea you're bouncing around, but when you're confident that you found a good design, that'd be a good time to PM me. I'm here to help you, not just to judge you. :)


Happy quest-making!

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I'm aware that this is the hardest part of having access to ingame rewards, but i must admit that i'm slightly disappointed that i didn't get any responses at all. Guess i'll have to keep doing stuff when i have some time to spare, and when i don't, there probably won't be any lair rewards.

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