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Third Step: Getting stuff done!

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Even the most creative minds can get stuck when their ideas can't be integrated. Thus, a proper Drachorn Guy also needs to be able to effectively convince other people that their ideas are great, so they'll be implemented.


This isn't limited to huge things, though. Sometimes you just need somebody to help you with a particular html thingy that you're not capable of doing on your own (Thanks, Chewie!), at other times you need access to certain spells that you don't have on your own (Thanks, dst and Grido!), or to places you can't reach on your own (Thanks, Azull!). All those things are easy to do when you're on good terms with someone, and not so easy to do when you're not.


For this part, we'll pretend you need something from somebody you rarely ever talk to. In fact, from 3 somebodys you rarely ever talk to, because that thing you wanna do takes a whole lot of effort.

Pretend that you're planning a very big quest, with puzzles, racing, and hunting pink mice. The whole package.


Person A has access to a certain place in land N, which you don't. You still want your treasure hunt to go through there, though, so you'll have to convince him to either:

-work for you, and stand in that place himself, or

-let you into that place, which he greatly dislikes because you don't belong to his sacred ground.


Person C has vast knowledge of HTML, which you don't. You want your quest to use picture-puzzle in a clickable, but you don't know how to set up any of that, so you'll have to convince him to either:

-do it for you, or

-show you how to figure out how to do it yourself.


Person M is the only one who can do concept changes to MD (i'm pretty good at hiding whom i talk about, right?). For your whole quest to work out, you need to have the power to turn drachorn into wind dragons, so you have to convince M to:

-give you that power, or

-give you any form of temporary access to that power.



You don't talk to any of them on a regular basis. Person A is known to respond to roleplay and the exchange of favors, Person C is analytic and helps when the cost-benefit calculation works out, and Person M responds best to solid game-related reasoning.


You only get one shot with all of them, so make sure to give it your very best.


Luckily you figured that out on time for your questing efforts, so you can take up to 2 weeks to figure out how to best approach them.

Discussions with everybody you feel like discussing with are absolutely encouraged. A good drachorn guy doesn't need to do things all by himself, you can rely on your trusted friends and have them help you with such things.


Send me 1 PM with your attempts to convince A, C and M (one attempt each) to help you out by January 30th.


* Any resemblance of quest-characters to actual characters within the world of MD is purely intentional, but not to be taken seriously.

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Bumpy bump


I know my ingame presence is lacking currently, stupid flash hating proxy is getting in the way :(

This is still a thing, and i'll not accept submissions that come later than Jan 31st.

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Unfortunately this mini-quest only had 3 entries, which i need to blame myself and my lacking advertisement for.

Out of the 3 entries, 2 were pretty good, and one bent the rules to make it easier for himself :P


I'll have to award the victory to Amerrune for this one, with 3 very solid requests, though none of them particularly blew my mind., She'll be awarded with 5 silver.


Assira came in second, with better messages to A and M than Amberrune had, but a blunder in her letter to C, where she freely admitted to not even attempting to do things on her own, but instead tried to negotiate prices for C's services. When looking for help, it's always wise to show that you already have a concept and gave it an honest attempt, asking for a service was not part of the quest. Assira shall get 3 silver.


Aelis, in an obvious lack of time, bent to rules to be more favourable to his requests, and asked for simpler things. I've always been a friend of bravery, though, so Aelis gets 1 silver, just because the concept he proposed amused me :))


I'm afraid that i won't be able to hand out the rewards any time soon, please make sure to remind me of them when you see me talking again :)



I'll leave it up to the participants to reveal their submissions, if they want to.

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