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  • 2 weeks later...

The application turnout hasn't been as great as i hoped. Maybe i'm not good enough to be a master after all...


The ones i got were rather impressive, though. I'm tempted to pit them all against each other in a knife fight for life and death, and take the one that's left at the end, but there must be a smarter way to handle this... And i have no intentions of letting them know who they are up against just yet, either.


For now, i'll just let them all think that they are my first choice, and see what happens from here...

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  • Root Admin

i thought its envy..but i see its not.

it does look as envy however...and i don't like even the faintest trace of envy..but i guess i have my issues too.



however..i am confused

your new years wish made perfect sense, yet it comes so late and i don't really know why it was needed to be as a wish, when you could have just claimed it a while back


you must know i am not always aware of whats going on in the realm, especially for the past several years.



dd's role was fully earned, and if a vet becomes angry on someone newer getting super powerful role ...i really don't care... i will give anyone what they deserve, new or old..but i can't give everyone ..its simply a matter of attention and time.

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I am a confusing person :P


Seriously though, i think it doesn't lead anywhere if you, Mur, try to understand how i think, we're too different for that. I rarely ever understand why you do the things you do, and it's likely the same the other way around... and i spent a lot more time trying to understand you than you can put to understanding me :))

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Obviously, the quests are always open for all to enjoy, and i don't think there's anybody who has absolutely no chance to become my apprentice in the end, either...

Though some people have better odds than others, of course.

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