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First Step: Application


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To all willing Drachorn Apprentices, and everyone else who enjoy mini-quests, here is the first task, one that always needs to be done before getting a job...


Write your CV (= resume).


However, unlike most employers, i hardly care for your birthday, the place you live, or your family status. What i want to hear about are your greatest achievements, from your own point of view. Impress me with your skills and accomplishments, and show me why YOU would be the best in these realms to handle the job of a Drachorn Apprentice.


I will hand out rewards solely based on my whims, because i can. They won't be big, because this is a very simple 'quest', but if you want to get big rewards in the later stages of this quest-series, you'd still want to make a very good first impression.


Due to the christmas celebrations that will start in the next few days, and because the people i'd want to employ will likely be busy with making a mini-quest, i'll give you a very long deadline for this extremely simple task: I will not accept entries past December 31st.

Send them via PM, Forum PM, or post them here, i don't care how you do it as long as i get them.


Remember, though: The presentation of a CV is almost as important as the contents!

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Name: Draconas
Current affiliation: Underground, Shattered Illusions


Drachorn King:


Since I will not be a master of enslaved drachorns I took the liberty to change the name to Drachorn King.


Why would I be a good Drachorn king?


Well first of all because I am akin to them, in this nature I already know a lot about them. Secondly because in the past I have repeatedly voiced my concern about how they are held currently, chained and underfed... Under my management there will be some changes.


One of these changes would be reviving the Lair Keepers alliance. It is my idea that managing my kin is not a task of the guerrilla and is at all not a task of Golemus. The Lair keepers will be a neutral alliance which will not allow any influence from any government on the management.


What I would do with the lair keepers, I would restore the Drachorn’s greatness. At the moment a drachorn is just “some creature” stored by collectors or overused by grinders. I would try my best to only reward them to those who have shown they are worthy to have such a companion (only reward them at big quests or festivals, increasing the effort to gather them in a way other than just throwing a bunch of coins on the table). I would like to increase their rarity, if you look at the grinders, you see almost all have (at least) one.


I would like to venture deeper into what is a drachorn, research their nature and use this information for the better of the lair and realm. In this form I will try to collect all data RJ, burns and Braiton have collected and of course continue my own search for answers. Even though they are akin to me doesn’t mean I know all their secrets.


As burns has done, I would launch quests within the drachorn theme, some just small contests, others would be quest giving the questers a chance to learn more about this marvel of MD. Some of these quest might be rewarded with a charm, but most of them won’t be (to keep the rarity).


Of course it is a hard task to do alone so I will search for souls who share my thoughts on the creatures and how to handle them, together I believe we can bring the drachorn back on the map, and make GG even more than just the island of the aramors. However my main task is not coloured with politics or tourism, that is not my main concern, my thoughts are first and will remain with on how to change things to benefit the creatures and the realm.


Past references and accomplishments:


·         I have run a few quests regarding drachorns


·         I started a research group on drachorns (members are welcome)




you can contact me by forum pm, ingame pm or find me at the Drachorn Lair where i'll be looking over my kin

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