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- Fortune's Well (strongest resemblance)

- Willow's Walk


- Cannon's Crossing (very slightly)

- Accursed Growth (slightly)

- Alche's Alley (3_-2x-3_1, slightly)

- Stag Crossing (slightly)


Perspective wise:

- If you're coming from Oak Fort, right before you reach Lore Manor (the manor is to your left, as you're coming down the road) that's the road to Raven's Peace, and the tree is the one on the side of the road. (the one on the right, as you're looking at the picture)

- Same for the Well of Tears, coming in from Accursed Growth.

- Same for Wraith's Wreck, coming from Drachorn's Lair. (the "tree" would be the boat, from perspective, and the fork in the road... the roads to Ivory Lighthouse and to the boat)

- Sage's Path, looking at it from the direction of Sage's Keep.

- Fields of Abandonment, slightly, if you look at the Wind Mill from a spot closer to the wall.

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