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Creature Reset


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What would you say to the opportunity of resetting your creatures to what they were when first acquired, through means of a fee in coins?


The fee would vary, based on the rarity of the creature. The fee would be for a basic reset, meaning the creature's name, age, heat and battles. For tokens, an additional fee of 1sc/token would be applied. (or less?)


For instance:

- 1sc / 1 NML or MB creature

- 3sc / 1 LR or early Shop creature

- 5sc / 1 NC or medium Shop creature

- 7sc / 1 rare or late shop creature


To add a bit more usefulness to this, the place this would be possible at would only be accessible by whoever holds a specific key and the gains of this would go to TKs. (just like the gains from renting the Sunny Bedroom do)

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what are you essentially asking here is (if we take the least valuable option) is that for eg, someone has a tokened elemental they would like to have cleared, they pay someone to  take that tokened creature (which gives them no profit from the ownership change that they could potentially get from selling it), in return for a fresh elemental that they could just get themselves. if the creature that has tokens on it has useless tokens, they can sacrifice for no cost, and get a fresh one , without having to pay someone to get rid of it. 


if we take rarer shop creatures, its similar, if someone wanted to reset one of these, they could just sell the one they have with tokens, and buy a fresh one, generally for less coin than they just gained (tokens also have a value), there would be no sense in paying someone to take a more valueable creature (value also in age and heat, as these have their own worth too, even if just for alter purposes)


then we get to super rare creatures which for obviousl reasons, wouldnt be able to be switched because that would include things like darklings and tainted angiens. 


TL:DR,(i heard people like these) youre asking people to pay for something they could easily do themselves without loss of coin 

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Actually, what I'm asking is to give the more excentric populace of MD the chance to reintroduce their wealth into circulation for "charity". :p


At the same time, perhaps collecters (of creatures with old IDs?) would find this at least a little useful. :p


Also, creature transfers won't be necessary. The key to the feature would be handed out to them, again, as it is with the Sunny Bedroom key.

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Heat, battles, tokens fine, but resetting age? As far as I can see, the purpose of this "creature reset" would be (other than philanthropic purposes) to preserve your creature's ID rather than getting a new one, for the people that care. By that logic, preserving age would be almost just as important, no?


I have a couple of five digit ID creatures that I've had since the beginning (the gap between them and my other creatures is hilarious, as I got rid of most of my other beginning creatures at some point or another), I would never reset them if it also reset their age, and as we approach (or have passed? Dunno) creature ID 1000000, those creatures become more and more unique, and continue to carry personal meaning. I'd never use the reset on them anyways, but other creatures I would consider. The only problem (for me as a player, not a problem for TKs  :D) is that they would again get tokens later and I'd have to continue paying to have them removed.


Chewett's version sounds more useful and fun. One credit cost is perfect for that sort of thing, and it would open a new section of the market, until everybody got the tokens they wanted on the creatures they wanted. Then training would be the only reason people traded tokens.

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