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Draw a Wall

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This quest, created on an impulse, will be open for exactly 1 month. Your job is to draw a wall, be it physical, or metaphorical. The winner gets 3 gold coins, everyone else gets nothing. (this might change depending on the quality of entries) As sponsored by Mur, 10 bricks will be part of the reward pool. Distribution of the bricks will be announced at a later date.



May the best wall win.




One additional requirement: Every wall must have a back story.



Edit 2:

Make sure you sign your artwork! Sasha's initial entry will be accepted without being signed, but all other entries must be signed in order to be accepted.

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I haz drawn a wall:



If this is a metaphorical wall between the player and MD (and not a cheeky response to a weird quest), I'd say you probably win hands down. If not, I call dibs.

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Updated. Left old sketch and attached finished one.

As for the story...


Brick after brick, brick after brick,

A tired old man had laid down.

Oh old man, I see you've walled thick!

What poor thing have you built around? 


Brick after brick, tear after tear,

The old man's gaze wandered afar;

His deep, laboured breath was austere.

Parched lips spoke - "It is but a scar."


Tear after tear, day after day,

The old man fell down in defeat.

"My dream I can't, will not complete,

For my heart I have walled away..."

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So I'm no artist (even in the slightest when it comes to drawing...) but I think it gives out it's meaning.


Emotions and feelings all stack upon one another, creating walls and barriers people can hide behind. These emotions and feelings, and how they are "stacked" differ from person to person. This picture currently represents my feelings due to "RL" issues, the foundations obviously not being so great but the different layers keep the support and structure of the person.


The cracks are also intentional, as they represent the feelings we can express or don't even know we feel, leaving the wall less stable and more vulnerable to being penetrated.


Maybe I'm thinking too deep about this competition...but here's my wall. A wall of emotions and feelings that we hide behind.



Edited by Sasha Lilias
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Thinking deep is simply another way to go about it, I'm not much of an artist myself, the eyes below being the best work I've ever drawn.



Sasha's post just reminded me of something important: Be sure to sign your artwork!

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Within a dream an image appears. A wall so strong that nothing could harm it. Not wind, rain, ice, or fire. It held against the forces of nature.


The mortar cracked and crumbled as a hole appeared beneath its foundation. Structureless the wall buckled. 


The strength the wall held once is no more, falling victim to the floor.



Edited by Assira the Black
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After much consideration, and asking the opinion of a secondary judge, the results are as follows:


1. Aeoshattr - 3gc and 4 bricks

2. Assira the Black - 3 bricks

3. Sasha Lilias - 2 bricks

4. Chewett - 1 brick



Although Assira's backstory was distinctly ahead of the rest, as the contest was primarily about the drawing, Aeoshattr took first place for his distinct yet beautiful imagery. As both Assira's backstory and drawing were ahead of Sasha, Assira has placed second. Due to re-submitting an entry to a past contest, and failing to provide a backstory Chewett has placed last. Which leaves Sasha at third place.


Congratulations to all winners, find either me (I am Bored) or Orvid at the Gazebo of Equilibrium to claim your reward!

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