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MD 10th Anniversary Heat War: Sign up

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On my day of hosting (April 14th), I shall be running a "Heat War". 


Brief Summary:


  • Each team's clickable will be in a different area to another, for example: Team A's clickable may be in Loreroot whilst Team B's may be in Golemus.
  • Teams will be able to "supply" heat to their own clickable whilst able to use their heat to "sabotage" an opposing team's supply.
  • Competition will run from 00:00st until 00:00st.


There are plenty of surprises to be revealed on the day but for now, this is the very basic information.


Rewards I request will be based upon amounts that sign up. So the more of you that do so, the higher the prize value!


Extra info:


  • You may help your team anyway you see fit, be it through providing assistance or by sabotaging the enemy!
  • Killing, however, is not allowed and those who do so will be banned from the day's quests. 
  • You may gain your heat any way you desire.
  • MP6's, unfortunately, will be unable to participate.
  • Be creative!


To sign up:


Please post your player name and ID, Active days, Land citizenship and Current briskness. (A screen shot of your briskness will be required a few days prior to the event.)



Current List of Participants:


Lands Of the East

  • Pipstickz - 554
  • *Sunfire* - 1025

Golemus Golemicarum

  • MRALyon - 15744
  • Rophs - 48
  • Miq - 800

Marinds Bell

  • Nadrolski - 3857
  • Clock Master - 3359


  • Lashtal - 1983
  • Aeoshattr - 120


  • Eagle Eye - 2940
  • Lintara - 131

No Mans Land

  • I Am Bored - -1770
  • Change - 127
  • Asthir - 21
  • Mirus - 15

Please note that the above are not the final teams.



  • *Sasha Lilias* - 148016
  • Dst - 17096
  • JadenDew - 186134
  • Assira the Black - 141566
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2279 days

554 Briskness

LotE citizenship


**The running time is early morning to early afternoon for me, so I'll be at work during the whole thing. I can only sign up if the time can be changed. I'd prefer that it be 24h so that everyone has at least a chance to participate.

Edited by Pipstickz
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SO Since I have both loyalties... would It be fair to compete? :3
Also if I have a heat stone creator am I allowed to participate??


Both loyalties? 


Yes you can, so long as they're not being created for you by an outside source. :)

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so im not allowed to create stones to aid someone in this contest?


As MP6's aren't allowed, I'm afraid not. If, however, the item was given for the duration...that's a different matter.


Outside help shouldn't be given. If you wish to help then sign up.

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