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Haotic strikes wrong documentation

Ary Endleg

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In http://magicduel.com/pages/help.info.php?p=creatureabilities it says wrong:



Haotic Damage
The creature does damage to the target creature based on the attack attribute.
The damage has a variance of -50% to +50% extra damage.
This means that this is a very unpredictable attack that can either cause massive damage or very little.


Correct is in http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/176



Ann. 176 Priority: 0 [2008-01-06 19:04:21 - Alpha 4]
Haotic strikes now do damage from 60% to 180% and player atack has a great role in that, the more attack youy have the more the actual attack fluctuation is. Good for unpredictable fights. (Knator, Grasans)
Formula: osc= 80% of player attack; final attack is random from attack - (osc/2) to attack + osc.


Meaning variance is -40% to +80%.

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Player A = 1000 attack, 500 defense (osc = 800)

with Creature A (Haotic Strike) = 100 attack, 50 defense


Player B = 2000 attack, 1000 defense

with Creature B = 100 attack, 50 defense


100% slide bar:


Creature A = 1100 attack, 550 defense

Creature B = 2100 attack, 1050 defense


A hits B:

- min damage = attack - (osc/2) - defense = 1100-400-1050 = -350 = 1

- max damage = attack + osc - defense = 1100+800-1050 = 850


In any case, now that I look at it again, I don't think that what I was saying matters, because the variance refers to the value of the creature's attack power, not damage dealt.

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Nope. It was an issue I had when attacking 2 imps with a tree, and the imps were acting as though the tree had no defense whatsoever, doing 90 damage (each) every time they hit. (both player sliders at 0%)


But that's a different issue, and I can't remember which post I mentioned it in.

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  • 6 years later...

Hmmmm..... 3 grassans vs 3 trees.  Round zero one of the strikes hit solidly, the rest were all 1's through 5 rounds of combat.

Fyrd Argentus's Big Bertha (575200) does haoticdamage to all creature(s) of Nepgear and:
    - hits haoticaly and does 1 damage to Reanimated Roots (862349)
and remains with 20657 vitality
    - hits haoticaly and does 178 damage to Reanimated Roots (862350)
and remains with 16422 vitality
    - hits haoticaly and does 1 damage to Reanimated Roots (867081)
and remains with 11099 vitality
This seems to be because the trees are doing a "protect" thing that gives them much bigger defense (>1000) than the attacks (few hundred points).
Reading deeper, the ability is discussed in the [more info] as "Martyrism / Protect".  Mis-match is between creature page that says only "martyr" and battle report that says only "protect".  Easy to get confused.

The very original post is correct in that the [more info] document (button on creature page just above Targets & Abilities) still says +/-50% where this announcement says it was changed.

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 11.15.35 PM.png

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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