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Sending credits Bug

Blackshade Rider

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I have already alerted chew of this here is what happened..........




I was rewarding Z and DD there credits promised and Z's credits went threw fine but when I did DD's credits I Accidently mixed his player ID up.

When sending his credits I put in his player Id and his name like so ( ID 241341  Player name Dark Demon)

I messed up his id and should had put ( ID 241314 Player name Dark Demon )

The player id I accidently put witch is only mixed up with the 1 and the 4 belongs to a player named

 {{ Id 241341  player name bdarksangelg }}


These credits should not have sent in the first place because the ID does not match the player name. But the credits sent to this player even though his Name is not Dark Demon. Although the ID does exist the system should had recognized the ID and Player name did NOT match.


 I think this could be an easy fix and just take away the name and just use the Player ID when sending credits but if the Name must stay and must be typed with the ID then this needs to be fixed.

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Agreed with IAB.


The fact that you so easily placed the wrong number in the wrong spot just goes to show that it shouldn't just be based on ID, but instead a cross-reference of both the name and ID.


Removing the name section wouldn't reduce the risk in sending the credits to the wrong player at all.

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