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Queen of Sheba wants!

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My poem:


The most elaborate of eyes,

Poised and glazed with moist mysteries;

A look itself shall be your prize

As she tells you rich histories.


Oh, beautiful, savage kind Queen!

Won't you make our courage pale

When for bravery you are keen?

Under your feet we'll be a trail.

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My poem for the queen:


Queeny queeny on the throne
Why don't you leave us alone?
You are classy, you are beauty
But you lack the sense of duty!

Oh our queen of true sky blue,
What should we do now with you?
We could serve you, we could please you
But I'm afraid you'll cut us through!

Queeny queeny  of the sky
Go ahead and eat some pie!
It will make you fat and happy
So you will be a lot less snappy!

Queeny queeny of the sea
We love you to a degree.
If you want us to love you more,
Go and marry a wild boar!

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Tell a romantic story to the Queen of Sheba. ! hour for the event. Best story wins.


[15/04/15 12:59] Aeoshattr:There was once a beautiful young woman 
[15/04/15 13:00] Aeoshattr:Alas, the lass lived alone in a castle. 
[15/04/15 13:01] Aeoshattr:All by herself, with no maids, no servants, no sound to be heard. 
[15/04/15 13:01] Aeoshattr:And what the lass did, to kill the time that so slowly passed was gaze out the window into the Night. 
[15/04/15 13:02] Aeoshattr:Night after Night, the lady gazed upon the same star, and after a long time, she grew to believe that the Star gazed back to her. 
[15/04/15 13:02] Aeoshattr:And many times she spoke: "Oh bright Star, wouldn't you come down from the heavens and shine light into my Night?" 
[15/04/15 13:03] Aeoshattr:Yet every time, the Star whispered back "I cannot come down, for to the Heavens I am stuck" 
[15/04/15 13:04] Aeoshattr:But despite this, the Star grew fond of the lass - and every Night, he shone through clear air or through the clouds. 
[15/04/15 13:04] Aeoshattr:Just so that the young woman would see him and whisper to him more. 
[15/04/15 13:05] Aeoshattr:But time passed, and the lass grew and aged, relentless in her desire and pleas to the Star. 
[15/04/15 13:06] Aeoshattr:Yet no matter how much the Star tried, he could not break free from the skies - yet he told the lass "I shall wait for you by the lake tonight" 
[15/04/15 13:07] Aeoshattr:And thus the lass walked by the lake in the Night and indeed, on the icy cold water she saw the Star, gazing at her not from the skies. 
[15/04/15 13:08] Aeoshattr:And a Night together they spent - one a ripple on the lake, the other brushing her fingers over the glimmering light. 
[15/04/15 13:08] Aeoshattr:Time passed and passed again, until the lonely old lass could no longer wait by the window. 
[15/04/15 13:09] Aeoshattr:With her dying last breath she gasped "Star, oh brilliant Star, won't you come down and shine into my Night?" 
[15/04/15 13:09] Aeoshattr:But as she withered away, a faint, gentle glimmer sparked right next to the Star. 
[15/04/15 13:10] Aeoshattr:Still cold, still in the dark - but lonely no more. 
[15/04/15 13:10] Aeoshattr: *bows his head slightly and smiles* The end.

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For dst:

dstThere were once 2 souls: a he and a she.
dstThey would do a lot of things together: eat, sleep, play.
dstBut every day he would leave in the morning and come back in teh evening.
dstShe would spend the day taking care of herself and watching the door he left on.
dstThen during the evening when she knew he would come back, she would stand by the door waiting for him.
dstThe moment he would enter the door she would jump right into his arms and start looking for something.
dstAnd she would find it every single evening:
dstSHOUTS: Her bag of salmon cat treats!!
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Devise a way to torture Miq. TIme given is one hour. :) (Thank you for volunteering Miq!)


AeoshattrI say the best way to hurt Miq is to ... *looks around and whispers in a lower tone* torture the Trout!
AeoshattrLet the Trout dry in the Sun... somewhere in that parched Golemus. And then pluck its scales out one by one
AeoshattrHmm... Someone will have to hold Miq so he watches.
AeoshattrAnd then, when all the scales are plucked, we should take the Trout in Necrovion and let it flop around in the sand!
AeoshattrAnd then... as a Coup de Grace....
AeoshattrSLAP Miq with the dead, sandy trout!
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Torture Miq (and trout):


The revenge of the watermelon

You take Miq (and his trout) and tie them (together - they should suffer together ) to a chair in a hot summer day.
Then you take the juiciest, sweetest, biggest watermelon you find and you show it to them.Then you take a sharp knife and plunge it into the melon and let Miq and Trout (from now on I shall call them M&T) listen to the ripped sound. Then you cut a small triangle and extract it with the knife. And you show it to the team: red as hell, sweet as the sin. And with the biggest grin, you throw away the nice piece.
Next step is to cut the watermelon in half (again be sure M&T listen to the sound of it). You approach them and present your pray. You let them sniff it. Maybe even let a drop of the juice drop on Miq's face. And then with the purest passion ever you start eating the melon.Pig style. Until it's done. Don't forget to spit the seeds towards M&T. Once you finish burp and pat your now huge belly. Don't forget to keep eye contact with M&T and make "mmmm" sounds.

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Invite Miq to a dinner party.


Little does he know that the main course is his beloved trout, which you stole from under his nose as he slept!


You wine and dine, the chat flowing. Miq finishes every morsle of food and sits back with his belly full and bloated.


"MY! That was delicious!" He says before asking "What was the fish? It was simply divine!"


To which you answer with an evil grin "Trout..."


"Trout?" he asks. Suddenly a look of realisation comes across his face "No?!!" He shouts, jumping up looking for his trout.


Finding no trace of his beloved trout he breaks down in tears and falls to his knees "How could you?!"


"It was quite simple really." You say "The hardest part was gutting it though, I must admit..." Again you grin as he begins to gag and his sobs become louder.


You get up and head to the kitchen, holding two bowls. "What....what is that?" he asks, still in tears."Dessert" you say, as you place a bowl of freshly cut watermelon before him...


The end 

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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