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MD 10th Birthday Quest - Day 7 Design your Cake

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To complete the celebration's of MD 10th Birthday Party. I need cake a beautiful cake. I need your help MD people to make a awesome MD Cake.

-Your Wishes
-Your messages
-MD Sign
-Ingame Name
-Take a Picture how you do it

You can add something to make your cake beautiful

Draw a Cake using pencil/darker with candles, anything you want to add. After your drawing make MD Sign
Write MD Wishes and MD messages.

Your Ingame Name

Take a Picture left side
Take a picture right side
Take a picture front view

Note: All artwork must be handmade. No photoshop, No editing site

Submissions can be made on this thread until April 20th.

Submit your Entry here;

Only one entry per player



1. WP or Windy Or Morph and aramor

2.  WP or Windy Or Morph (One not picked above)

3.  WP or Windy Or Morph (last item left)


4. 3 gold coins

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Say hello to the world's longest and trickiest cake!  :rolleyes: 


This is the first time in years I've picked up a pencil with the intention to draw, so... >.>




Anyone notice the missing candle? I couldn't resist  :)) 



P.S: no idea why the image is so huge...

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The Winners are




First place Zleiphneir

[spoiler]For me I really loved Z's "cake" like thing. It looks amazing and really well drawn. I also like the happy birthday message on it too[/spoiler]


Second place Assira the Black

[spoiler]It looks like lots of detail has went into this, lots of little things to look at and enjoy. Also the little note is really cool.[/spoiler]


Third place dst

[spoiler] I liked how dst showed the progress in a nice neat format. The drawing looked really crisp and well done. Also the colours made it look amazing.[/spoiler]



The judges happy to see your awesome entry of artworks and its MD Birthday have a forth place:))


 Forth Place goes to Dark Demon

[spoiler] I really liked the DD'esk theme, really nice[/spoiler]

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