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MD 10th Birthday Quest -Day 7 MD Cake

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This quest is for all loving making, baking, cooking and im sure you love it. ;)

If anyone don't know how to cook, baking, and cooking. This is your chance to do it.

Make a new Resipe of Cake using ITEM sweets and yummy.

Cauldron Type

How to begin: Share your idea how to make a new MD 10th Birthday Cake and post here with your ingame name.

Submissions can be made on this thread until April 20th.



1. WP or Windy Or Morph and aramor

2.  WP or Windy Or Morph (One not picked above)

3.  WP or Windy Or Morph (last item left)

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Here is my recipe for a very good bushy pie. It's a bit more difficult to make than normal cake, but once you taste it more than worth the trouble!


Bushy pie

2 Bushies
1 Aromatic herbs
2 Sticky goop
1 Rainbow candy
2 Unidentified plants
2 Water

The filling:
Put the bushies, together with the herbs and the goop in a pan with just enough water to keep them covered and put them on a medium fire. While stirring allow the bushies to boil for roughly two minutes. Take the filling from the fire and let the it cool down. The filing should thicken as it cools down, if the filling becomes too thick, you can add some more water, if it remains too thin you should allow it to boil for a little longer.

The crust:
Now turn on the oven to let it warm up. Meanwhile take some grains and grind them to a nice floor. Now crush the rainbow candy and mix it together with the floor and the remainder of the water to a dry dough. Use about 3/4th of the dough to cover the bottom and sides of the cake form.

Now poor the filling in the crust. Create long stripes from the remainder of the dough and weave them into a lattice on top of the pie. Put the cake in the oven and allow it to bake for about 45 minutes. Once the crust colours a golden brown take the pie out of the oven. Allow the pie to cool down before serving.




(Ingame name is Samon. If wanted I could turn this into a cauldron compatible recipe :)  )

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Here's my recipe for an Upside down cake, commonly made with pineapples. HEre we'll be using bushies: 


2 bushies

3 rainbow candies

2 sticky goop

3 unidentified plants

1 aromatic herb

3 water



Heat the pan

Seed the bushies

Crush candies

Melt crushed candies with water

Pour rainbow caramel into pan.

Slice bushies and add them to the pan slightly dipping into caramel.

Mix aromatic herbs, unidentified plants, sticky goop and water in a bowl.

Pour over the candied bushies.

Bake for 40 minutes.

Invert the cake and cut into slices


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Assira 's Rum Cake




2 blue candies

2 red candies

bottle of rum

3 unidentified plants

1 aromatic herb


Heat the pan

crush blue candies, add one unidentified plant and heat to make blue icing

crush red candies and heat to make red syrup

Mix red syrup, rum, unidentified plants, and aromatic herb.

bake cake

tap cake out of baking pan

let cool

coat top of cake with blue icing.

Cut and serve

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Deceptive Hyper Cake



Simple cake that will give you a super fused energy rush for birthday madness.


5 unidentified plants
10 water
10 tea leaves
5 fat
1 winderwild egg
5 sugared newt

1 red candy
1 wax beads
1 string

Candle mix:
step 1 - melt red candy
step 2 - melt wax beads
step 3 - mix red sticky stuff with melted wax
step 4 - pour mixture into candle shaper
step 5 - place string sticking out of setting mixture
step 6 - wait 1 hour
step 7 - remove candle

Cake mix:
step 1 - shake the newts and collect the sugar
step 2 - revive newts and let them escape
step 3 - soak tea leaves in water and boil
Step 4 - strain caffeine infused water
step 5 - grind unidentified herbs into flour
step 6 - mix flour, caffeine water, sugar and fat
step 7 - break winderwild egg into mixture and whisk
step 8 - pour mixture into baking tin
step 9 - bake for 40 minutes
step 10 - remove from oven
step 11 - place candle on cake


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Pomegranate seeds honey cake


10 aromatic herbs
10 water
1 Pomegranate seeds
1 Honey Lollipop
1 Bag of maggoty flour
1 Muled Wine
3 Chocolate covered grasshopper

Creating the cake:

step 1 - pour the flour in the bowl
step 2 - add  8 water and start mixing
step 3 - add the aromatic herbs one by one
step 4 - drink some wine while letting the mix breath
step 5 - lick the lollypop
step 6 - mix the water with the lollypop
step 7 - wait for lollypop to melt
step 8 - heat the water and honey until it becomes thick
step 9 - add the thick honey to the cake mix
step 10 - add the seeds to the cake mix
step 11 - pour cake mix into the cake form
step 12 - bake the cake
step 13 - take the cake out and let it cool
step 14 - decorate the cake with the grasshoppers
step 15 - serve the cake

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Lorerootian Herbal Cake!




A beautiful cake made with natural ingredients. No artificial colours or flavourings needed! Has a slight herbal note to it. Perfect to go with your aromatic tea.



  • 3 Aromatic herbs
  • 2 Bushies
  • 2 Unidentified plants
  • 4 Water
  • 2 Rainbow Candy



First you should search your unidentified plants for some grains and grind them until you have a fine flour. Then you should heat the bushies, and candy in water until a syrup is formed, make sure not to burn the syrup! Boil the aromatic herbs in the water to release their oils before removing them again.  Mix the flour and syrup with the water. Pour the dough in the cake form and put the cake in the oven for one hour. Carefully take the cake out of the oven and take it out of the cake form, then wrap it in the candy wrappings. There is your cake!



  1. Search the unidentified plants for grain
  2. Grind the grain
  3. Crush the rainbow candy
  4. Boil the candy and bushies in water
  5. Boil the herbs in water.
  6. Mix the herb water, syrup and flour.
  7. Pour the dough into the cake form
  8. Put the cake into the oven
  9. Wait for one hour
  10. Take the cake out of the oven
  11. Take the cake out of the cake form
  12. Wrap the cake in candy wrappers 
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First: samon - WP and Aramor

[spoiler]Although this wasn't in the whole format I liked it.[/spoiler]

Second: Zleiphneir - Windy

[spoiler]Both interesting and in a good format.[/spoiler]

Third: Sasha Lilias - Morph

[spoiler]the colour hurt my eyes but having the extra information and being in agood format looked pretty nice.[/spoiler]

Edited by Eagle Eye
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I left out the actual steps to make the recipe because I thought that if it ever were to be made into a real cauldron recipe, it would take away the fun of experimenting to find the right steps. I could make a full, this time working, cauldron recipe if wanted :)


As for reward I would like to have the Wishpoint :)

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