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Hell Hounds Rewind...........

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Details: This quest is a remake of it original quest and is different in every way. nothing is the same and nor are the pass words the same. This quest will be like a scavenger hunt. If you have read my short story (how the hounds came about((http://magicduel.inv...ounds/?p=160922)) then you know of its journal pages. To start this quest off I will be scattering 5 of the missing pages from the journal around the lands of the east and MD archives land, and necrovion loreroot , golemus, ect.. You will need an open mind along with  patience for this quest. There are basically 5 stages to this quest. With each page you look for you will need a secret word that you will use at a specific location to view the page hidden at that location. I will message you the words. Then you will need to unjumbled the word, {exmpl}(apple.....plpae). Each word will be different.  Once you get to the 5th page however it will be different. for the 5th page it will be a riddle and you must solve the riddle. To view the page.. The answer to the riddle is the password for the 6th page.((( Sharing info about what the secret words are or what the answer to the riddle is or the locations to the pages is and will be cheating and therefor will have you banned from this quest and your prize stripped.)))
How to start: You will need to post  Post ITT your player ID to start/ also player name.. then i will send you the first password you must unscramble and then your scavenger hunt will begin. after you found the first page message me and ill will send the second and so on 


Duration: this quest begins on the 16th of April and will go on till the last md bday the 23rd
​Requirements:  *only one account per player, All mindpower levels are welcome..




Rewards: €

1st.. Wp\morph  ( their choice) { 1st place also gets a 10th anniversary Aramor}

2nd. wp\morph (whichever is left)


4th 10sc

5th. 5sc.

All participants get rewarded 




Was going to be 6 pages but don't have the time so went back to 5 so it can all be done in time. nothing else has changed

Thank you

- Rider

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This quest has made its top five winners. These Winners did very well. Here are the top five winners.

1st. Sasha Lilias

2nd. dst

3rd. Clock Master

4th. Lintara

5th. Asthir




These top five winners have been rewarded and a few other participants. If you partook in this and I did not reward you for participating please let me know.

Although the top five have finished I still encourage anyone that hasn't finished to still finish.

I thank you for every one that has played or is still playing.


Happy MD Birthday everybody


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