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Relocate the 'pray (give heat)' button, and..

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Not a new idea, but proposing a little change in the location of the 'pray (give heat)' button, for donating heat to a Protector, from bottom part to the top (above the 'Your progress for today' text).


The current location of the said button is visible provided one has gained like 3 (or 4) stats, but then it moves down when more stats are gained, making it a bit "inconvenient" for a worshiper to do instant click heat-donations. I am not acting lazy, but scrolling also takes some time, and time takes some heat :D


And also, I would like to propose if another button be added at that pop-up, a 'donate all heat' button, that still follows the same formula (500 worshiper heat -> 250 protector heat), but donates the maximum amount divisible by 500 with just one click.


Your thoughts?

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  • Root Admin

its not universalyl useful to the entire MD population so it doesnt need to go on the main UI page.

Its accessible with two clicks, thats essentially a first rate link. Actually most things are accessible with 3-4 clicks and thats pretty good.
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  • Root Admin

even more of a reason it doesnt need to go on the main UI, i think the location of the button is good as is, except maybe shift it up per nads suggestion, but this another arguement, as is the donate all, which is more a convenience thing than a needed feature

I plan to do this :)

I suggest make it into a shop extra feature.

I dnnt consider this a valid shop item. And since we are entirely redesigning the interface it might make its way onto the main page depending on our structuring.
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