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Angien - levels 1&2 - in rituals


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Considering you can't normally make a ritual with level 1&2 Angiens, I'll assume this is a bug.





(also note that error at the top of this picture)



How to reproduce:


1. Acquire Angien Egg

2. Get Angien Egg to level 3 (Angien)

3. Make ritual containing Angien

4. Give Angien to someone

5. Take Angien back

6. Fight with the ritual mentioned above

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Can I butt in and ask why, in general, you can't put angien eggs in rituals? They have an ability they could theoretically use and they have more than enough VE to be reasonable to put in a ritual...


I'm being greedy and asking because they require quite a bit of age to level up to a combat stage in the first place, and then they require quite a lot of wins to further level, and it would be quite convenient to be able to casually carry an egg in your rituals to gather wins and heat as it ages and gets ready to hatch.

Just a thought - potentially unpopular opinion.

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I would propose that the solution to this would be to force rituals that contain creatures that are traded away to be "forgotten", but I suspect that the rituals table is far from normalized, which makes this a non-viable solution to implement.

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a creature abilitiy isnt just about what a creature can do, its about the "personality" or traits/aspect of a creatures being, it can still have this identifying factor and not be combat usable, i would say it makes perfect sense and the issue is the egg bug thats already commonly known

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This isn't just Angien case, it's the case with all unusable eggs, it's a known thing if you ask me, I knew this since very long time.


For example ele egg also has ability, and could technically be used. But Angien egg lvl 1 doesn't have it while lvl2 has it... Depends from case to case.

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  • Root Admin

 it's a known thing if you ask me, I knew this since very long time.


While I do enjoy seeing people trying to determine what bugs are, and telling others how to deal with it. Can we not please?


Unless you have the authority to tell people that "oh we know about this" then please dont.


Actually, I hadnt thought of this bug, its a very smart way to get creatures into your ritual when they shouldnt be. I like it.


But it is a bug, and we will eventually fix it.

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