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10th Anni Tea bugs out


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I couldn't find the original thread regarding tea not working properly


What was wrong with regular tea was that, if one was to consume and go into idle, the effect of the tea wouldn't happen according to the new (lowered) regeneration timer.


With the 10th Anni tea, idle isn't necessary.


- drink twice

- refresh

- wait for a tick

- wait until there's 1 minute on timer to make sure tick happened

- refresh

- observe effect of one tick

(works just fine)




- drink twice

- refresh

- wait 10/15/20 minutes (so that you don't go idle)

- refresh

- observe effect of only one tick instead of the many which should have kicked in


This was tested on Chrome


Edit: If you keep refreshing after each regeneration timer tick, the effect of the tea will take place. Unless the refresh is too soon after the tick. In this case, it's likely it'll go back a few seconds, you'll see the tick happen again, but the tea effect won't kick in.

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