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XP crunching

No one

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During some random fights, I came on to this




What bothered me is that the amount of XP for Profile Reward was not covering the XP for the creatures.

Really. 39k = just 3x 13k  instead of 6 x 13k


Anyway, after a simple check, the "xp total" at the beginning of battle and the "Stored Heat" at the end showed 12294345 -  12060345 = 234000 = 6 x 39000


I know that having heat would increase the total XP gained, but that is too much.(6 times).



Can we have some numbers fixed here. Please.

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Well, it should be 3x due to 4k+heat as I know.


Also, as I know, the sum creature's XP should be equal to the one displayed as "Personal Reward XP".


I don't care how it is computed but it is v/f confusing.


Unless ... this is another of those friendly funny balanced bonuses ... which is even more confusing.


Dude, we need this sorted out. We need a proper display of values and bonuses.

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I ran across this in some tests as well.


One in particular stood out, where I had gained 100 heat, 4 out of my 5 creatures survived, and the heat distribution was 13 heat for each of the surviving creatures. Even if distribution was made among all 5 creatures (dead one included), 100 / 5 is in no way 13 :p


(or 14, can't remember)

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Yes, I'm at balance :ph34r:  shhh

Yea, it could cover the 2x heat gain for personal gain, but the creature XP too ?


And the display really sucks "39k xp gained, for 6 creatures meaning 13k each" ... yea sure. Even a 7 year old would say it is something fishy about it.

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It's DOT so I can't look into it at this point, but I'm guessing it's not just display related.


The x2 balance factor might be applied twice separately, once for profile heat gain and again for creature heat gain, effectively doubling creature heat gain one time too many.


If that's the case, second x2 should disappear :P

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