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Torch contest screenshots

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SS with my actual name in it:



SS with score:



one more point:



aaaaaaand one more. compare the times.





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While I do feel the need to protest this 'new' TC, I will save that for the post-hoc discussion. Since I am unaware whether screenshots are still required or not, here's a SS. 




another set 



and another one
























And done posting, since idk if these are needed or not. I see results are being recorded anyway

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  • Root Admin

Final scores and coins given:
Score | Coin Gained | Actual coin
Jubaris 111 82.8358209 83<br />
Aeoshattr 69 51.49253731 51<br />
Clock master 9 6.71641791 7<br />
dst 4 2.985074627 3<br />
Miq 2 1.492537313 1<br />
Chewett 2 1.492537313 1<br />
Neno Veliki 1 0.746268657 1<br />
Ignnus 1 0.746268657 1<br />
Aethon 1 0.746268657 1<br />
MaGoHi 1 0.746268657 1<br /><br />
Come to me to collect your coins! Congratulations to all participating.

Jubba wins the highest points and therefore gets to choose between his silver share and a custom medium value reward, or something akin to a wishpoint, morph or similar by forgoing the silver.

We will be running a second contest led by two leaders and will feature slightly different rules in a month or so. A major part of the scoring will be detailing how you gained high scores, how you we can reduce that and abusing these methods. The idea is to try and improve how the contest is run, and then run it with actual lands.

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