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Lube Auction!


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Mur's Christmas present for me was the infamous...Lube!



So I decided to auction it. BUT there is a catch: I don't want coins/crits/bla bla.


I want something unique. Take a look at all the existing items in MD, combine as many as you like into forming something that will make my jaw drop. The one thing that will make me shout "take my money!" or in this case "take my lube" will win the lube!




I'll put a deadline of 3 weeks. Get creative!!!



Maybe I should add that  I don't want the actual items. I want the idea.



You can post multiple ideas. You don't have to use only items from your own inventory. You can use all existing items in MD.

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Idea 1:


Multiple leather straps braided together around the stem end of a black rose. Then you have a Black Rose Whip.



Idea 2:


Apothecary box filled with toxic plants and red glass fragments. With this you have a nasty little trap should curious hands go digging through your things.


Idea 3:


Multiple Monkey Claws placed inside a barrel.... Aka Monkey's in a barrel. 


Idea 4:


Empty Box, Clown mask, Handle, gears, handle, nuts & bolts, and inflexible spring. Put it all together and you have a Jack 'n the Box that does no retract. So it is always staring you in the face.


edit: did not realize I typed handle twice

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