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MD Birthday 2016

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Greetings everybody!

This year MD Birthday is going to be organized by the members of the Kings Council (KC in short): MaebiusLintara*Syrian*KyphisMenhir*Grido*AzullJubarisNo onedarkraptor and Dark Demon. The Birthday festival will start on 14th of April and will last 11 days.
All members of the Council can go directly to Chewett to request anything needed for the days (rewards, tools for quest creators, spells/tools for organization and etc).

We encourage the involvement of the community in the festival. You can get involved by creating quests, hosting events or doing something entertaining or fun as well as actively participating in quests and events being held. If you are planning a quest or an event during one of the festival days, simply contact one of the members of the Kings Council, state your intentions and request from them any tools or rewards you might need. They will get you scheduled in our official calendar and will pass on any requests you have to Chewett.


Let's make 11th Birthday fun!   :)

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Ann. 3845 - [2016-03-03 23:22:57 - Stage 13] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett 0 likes Like
MD Birthday - Run by the Chewett
Hello one and all, this is an update announcement to declare that I am now officially running the MD birthday with help from Lin and a couple other members of the Kings council. This superseeds the announcement declaring that the KC is running the MD birthday.

I am looking for day hosts for the remaining days. Lands who sponsor and work on a day and produce decent quests will as usual receive coding for their land along with rewards. Contact me asap as the land days are going fast.

Day hosts are responsible for organizing quests during the day. These events would be smaller quests and similar other little meetings that require everyone meeting at the same time. They wouldn't be expected to run all the quests but organise others to run quests during their time. If a land wants to theme a day it would be great. For now if you wish to apply for a day or ask questions please send me and Lin a forum pm.

Festival long quests will be running and you wont need permission from day hosts but if you are running something where people gather please seek approval from day hosts and get it put on the calendar so we dont have events clashing.

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For MD's Birthday i am providing Heat stones to all bday hosts. Along with any other person who is running a quest during the birthday and needs/ wants heat stones for quests use or sponsorship. 


A BIG thank you to Lintara and who ever else has helped/helping her gather heat to make these stones during my inactivity. 


Any one who wants some off these heat stones for their day/ quest then send me and in game pm or a forum pm. You must let me know how many you want/need for your day/quest. I am happy to provided all heat needed for this years Bday. 



Thanks all and happy md bday :)

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