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Bug showing as if i were a new player?

Blackshade Rider

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Ok so today i have been mostly AFK (Away from keyboard) and something happened during those times. It seems all the MD guards such as the LR guards and willows guards , also the road side shades, and MB's statue has all reappeared even the vial new players can click at fenths press, and i have to do it all over again. 


Here is what i did today


this morning i took a stroll through MD and every thing was fine. I fought some people won some and lost some. I mainly hanged out at the gazebo. But i decided to take a stroll to golemus to grab a few tools. On my way back i found a new player. I did some heat spells and recruited a few aramors to gain the heat needed to make this new player a heat stone and some tea. After doing so i went back to the gazebo and was on my way to MB to get some dice but i notice everything had changed . See below for screen shots


Marind Bell








http://imgur.com/YYVUe9c ( this shade was long beatin but the other shades that you'd find coming back from the aramory arent there)




The new player i made tea and a heat stone for



The tools i grabbed from golemus are , 12k heat jar, rain collector, fenth collector and memory stone collector


I am not sure as to how this happened and i am very confused as i had done nothing that could had triggered this i feel. I am not capped in my heat and i havent been in story mode for a long time. All these this just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 


Any one have any solutions or questions that arent answered here then please ask/tell

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I also went to check berserkers puzzle just now and all i did was click it and it activated with out having to solve or click any numbers see screen shot below 

http://imgur.com/HUsTXKl (Also it did scream)


And now the statue in MB park is gone see screen shot below


>. On my way back i found a new player. I did some heat spells

Casted heat spells?

yes i casted my heat spells to make a heat stone

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Also i had attacked around 5 or 10 mp2's and won around 5 fights and it gave me what was needed left to have a burst and i activated the burst.


I have tried to do the same with my alt "blackrider" but nothing has happened to recreate this bug

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  • Root Admin

Still not fixed
Problem 1
Problem 2
Also; https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3826
I hate to say I "told you so" but, I never attacked the Empty Aramors before it happened. So can't be a key exchange from them.

There were lots of NPC type characters, I didnt say the empty aramors were the only ones :)

imgur appears down again, storenow please :)
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