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What is my offence? (MUR)

death ray

"The escaped convict"  

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I just want to say... I haven't committed an offence.

And as much as I have been in and out off jail as fits my character roll, I should just be given a set of keys or some sort of cool down period before I'm allowed to escape. Maybe put a send to jail button on my name so if some one pleases they could send me off to jail for an X amount of time. I could be that escaped convict that could even reward a player AP, HP or heat, like a portion of mine, for instance for my recapture. Seems more punishing than pleasurable to try and play just to be send to prison just to wait and escape  over the smallest of whims. May as well make it interesting.

So my reason for rerelease is to give this said idea to Mur. Be creative! lets make it interesting and have a little fun with this ordeal.

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  • Root Admin

I think you found a cool way to justify your release, not begging for it, not doing anything out of your character to obtain it, but instead just push it further aiming for a more creative outcome and i appreciate that. That was the purpose of me asking you to do this thread, to see if you will do it, and what you will put in it.

You will be released now, but be warned, if i see you are rude and disrespectful again i will not be so understanding anymore. Its one thing to make jokes and an other thing to be an ass and just make my mood miserable for no reason.

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