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Who Murdered Mr. Mariano? (An RP based murder Mystery Quest)

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Happy 11th MD birthday folks!

Here's another quest I created. As the title says, its an RP based Murder mystery.

Mr. Mariano has been murdered. No one knows who the murderer is and the police is still investigating the case. 7 family members get together and talk about it over a dinner. And one of them is the murderer! Over a period of 4 rounds, each RPer will be given details about the role and information they need to communicate with the other members at the start of each round. You shall RP a dinner table scene with the details given to you and one of you will be given the role of the Murderer. After the 4 rounds of RP are over, each of you shall send me a PM regarding who you think the murderer is and what was their motive. Here's how the Grading will be done:

For non Murderers:

For RP: Score out of 50

Bonus points: 6 points for guessing the Murderer correctly + 6 points for the correct motive (total max score - 50+12 = 62)

For the Murderer:

For RP: score out of 50

Bonus points: +2 for every person who does not guess the name of the Murderer correctly. (total max score: 50+12=62)

EDIT: If 2 people have the same score, then the one who submitted the report earlier will be the winner.

Here are the characters you get to choose from:

Danny Smock - Samon (LotE)

Antonio Belluci - Jubaris (Marind bell)

Francesca Botticelli - Lintara (Loreroot)

Kathy Mart - Miq (Golemus Golemicarum)

Margarita Mariano - Dst (underground)

Mrs. Mariano - Aethon (MDA)

Sylvia Mariano - Aeoshattr (No Man's land)

Further details of the characters will be given once the roles have been chosen :)

WARNING: There is some questionable behaviour in the story line of each Character. No offence to any minority group intended if anyone finds it offensive. Subtlety with effective potrayal in such areas will be given more points rather than brashness keeping in view the PG requirements of MD community :)

Seven Champions from the following affiliations are needed:

1. Marind Bell

2. Loreroot

3. Golemus Golemicarum

4. Underground

5. MDA

6. Established housings

7. No man's land.

8. Lands of the East ONLY IF one of the affiliation fails to produce a champion by 11th April.

Each land can choose their champion and announce it here in the thread with the name of the Character which they wish to play in this thread.

Rewards: 1 wishpoint for the winner and 30 silver to distribute amongst the members of their land.

UPDATE: We now have WOOKIE points! :D Highest score: 4, Second Highest: 3, Third highest: 2,  Next set of scores: 1 point each.

Since No one from Established housings applied for a role, The role goes to Samon.

The Quest will be at 7pm MDST in the east pub :) 

Cleaned up Log



Acoustic Remains log
[16/04/16 19:07] *Nimrodel*:Danny Smock - Samon: The dedicated gardener of the manor for 25 years 
[16/04/16 19:08] *Nimrodel*:Antonio bellucci - Jubaris: Grandson of the deceased, a well off city stock broker 
[16/04/16 19:09] *Nimrodel*:Mrs. Mariano - Nimrodel:The dedicated elderly wife of Lord Strutbury 
[16/04/16 19:10] *Nimrodel*:Margarita Mariano - Dst: Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mariano, who has lived with them all her life 
[16/04/16 19:10] *Nimrodel*:Francesca Boticelli- Lintara: The local female lady priest 
[16/04/16 19:11] *Nimrodel*:Sylvia Mariano - Aeoshattr: Spoilt granddaughter of the deceased 
[16/04/16 19:12] *Nimrodel*:Kathy Mart Miq -: the chief cook of the manor and a Gossip Queen. 


Order of Saying Lines: Danny, Francesca, Margarita, Kathy, Mrs. Mariano, Antonio, Sylvia.


Unless there was a non dialogue role play, the lines were in order of performance.




[16/04/16 19:32] :*Nimrodel* ~Everyone enters the scene and is gradually settling on the dinner table. The first Course is served, a light cream of tomato soup~ 
[16/04/16 19:32] *Nimrodel*: (
samon start
[16/04/16 19:32] :
samon enters the dining room through the back door. He may be old, but still full of life from taking care of the manors gardens. He takes of his cap and bows to Boticelli. 
[16/04/16 19:32] samon:Such a lovely sermon you gave last Sunday and what a splendid collection at the Thanksgiving service. How are you today? 
[16/04/16 19:37] Lintara: 
*steps inside the room and nods to Danny Smock, pushes her glasses up her nose* Good day Danny. I am well, thank you. I am deeply sorry for the loss. *pushes her glasses up*He was a dear friend. 
[16/04/16 19:38] :
dst enters and sits on a corner of a chair next to her mother 
[16/04/16 19:38] :
dst takes off her posh deer leather gloves and places them on the table 
[16/04/16 19:38] dst: 
*keeps looking on the floor while greeting the guests with a fainth voice* Good evening... 
[16/04/16 19:39] *Miq*: 
*sulken, handles her cutlery* Poor, Mr Mariano... Antonio where have you been all this time, have you heard of the couple in 81, they have split up? Has anyone? You really need to start a family to be . 
[16/04/16 19:40] *Nimrodel*: 
*nods to everyone* Thank you everyone for coming... And Margarita! Stop slouchiing!! 
[16/04/16 19:41] *Nimrodel*: 
*to the butler* Please ready the cucumber sandwitches adn serve them next. 
[16/04/16 19:42] dst: 
*blushes* but Mother! 
[16/04/16 19:42] :
*Nimrodel* ~butler nods and rushes off to the kitchen to fetch the cucumber sandwitches 
[16/04/16 19:43] Jubaris: 
*makes a slight grimace at Kathy and dismisses her unimportant gossip, turns his attention to Mrs. Mariano* Granny, I'm so deeply sorry to hear what happened... 
[16/04/16 19:44] Jubaris:It eases the pain that you can carry out his legacy, Heiress granny... 
*his phone rings* Hello? What?! Sell, sell, sell!!!! 
[16/04/16 19:46] Aeoshattr: 
*dabs the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, tearing up every now and then and doing her best to preserve those marvelously done false eyelashes* Oh gramps, we were so close!... 
[16/04/16 19:47] Aeoshattr:How I wish you could have seen me last week at the Ritz! Or the week before at a photo shoot... or last month at that posh gala! 
*contorts her face, trying not to bawl out, and frantically dabbing* 
[16/04/16 19:48] Aeoshattr:If only you could have seen me drinki-... taking photos with all those celebrities at Ritz... Even without a facial before, I was stunning! Who will I make proud now? Who will I give a speech for? 
[16/04/16 19:51] samon: 
*nods at Boticelli's words.* He was a good man indeed. *He sips his soup slurping slightly.* If only he had lived a little longer he would have been able to see the garden in full bloom once more... 
[16/04/16 19:53] Lintara: 
*pushes her glasses up* The kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid into a field*pushes her glasses up* Matthew 13:44. *looks around her* I see everybody is having a glass. 
[16/04/16 19:53] Lintara: 
*sighs and pushes her glasses up* Oh, blood of Christ, pour me a glass also... 
[16/04/16 19:54] dst:Mother, you know that I don't usually drink but I am overcome with sadness so I will have a glass tonight. 
[16/04/16 19:54] :
dst quickly takes her eyes off her mother and returns to watching the floor while pushing her glasses up her nose 
[16/04/16 19:54] :
dst grabs the glass with a trembling hand and take a big sip while her glasses slide again on her nose 
[16/04/16 19:55] *Miq*: 
*taken aback from Antonio speaks Mrs. Mariano* Have you seen the latest pictures of her "expelling" stuff in the gutter? *to butler* these sandwiches have been left in air to dry 
[16/04/16 19:56] *Nimrodel*: 
*ignores Margarita* Ah Ms. Francesca! The sermons at the funeral was incredible! 
[16/04/16 19:57] *Nimrodel*: 
*eyes distastefully at Kathy* But the caviar was abit bitter... No? Did anyonelse think that? 
[16/04/16 19:58] Jubaris:Oh please, Heiress granny, don't waste time on such a trifle as an opinion of a cook. 
[16/04/16 19:58] Jubaris: 
*throws a glance at the cook and the gardener and mumbles* You're lucky to have dinner with the likes of us... 
[16/04/16 19:59] Jubaris:You shouldn't get used to it, granny knows best... It's just not hygienic... 
[16/04/16 20:00] :
Aeoshattr adjusts her false eyelashes and tries to find a mirror to see if she smeared her make-up 
[16/04/16 20:00] Aeoshattr: 
*turns to Margarita, eyeing her silly dress up and down while dabbing the tears off her face* Auntie, love, how are you coping? 
[16/04/16 20:01] Aeoshattr:Did you find your half yet? Or your hobby... are you still cross-stitching? 
[16/04/16 20:01] :
dst blushes and coughs 
[16/04/16 20:16] samon: 
*lets out a light sigh at Antonio's word.* If Mrs Mariano wishes for it I wouldn't mind eating out in my shed, but I know she wouldn't throw out an old man. 
[16/04/16 20:08] Lintara: 
*nods, sips and fixes her glasses* Thank you, Mrs. Mariano. I have many years of *fixes her glasses up* experience. Oh, Margarita is such joy! Mrs Mariano, how many children do you have? 
[16/04/16 20:10] dst: 
*takes the galss to her mouth her hand shaking even more, takes a big sip and then returns watching the floor* what a mess! what a mess!how can this happen? to be kille in your own house! the horror! 
[16/04/16 20:11] :
dst sobs abit, puts the glass back on the table, empty now and pulls her dress over her knees 
[16/04/16 20:12] *Nimrodel*: 
*Looks at Margarita* Stop being a Disgrace! 
[16/04/16 20:12] *Nimrodel*: (
go kathy
[16/04/16 20:12] *Miq*: 
*exited and still without success* trifle of a cook? i know for sure that Danny has not been home for 3 days. Were where you Danny? 
[16/04/16 20:13] :
*Miq* Goes to check on the food, since the last course has been bad 


(Miq had to leave here because of some Business. I shall be playing Kathy Mart and Mrs. Mariano. So Miq will be given score only for Round 1)


[16/04/16 20:18] *Nimrodel*: *replies in a as a matter of fact tone* I have three children. Youngest is Margarita. Antonio is my daughter's son and Sylvia is my son's daughter. 
[16/04/16 20:18] :
dst hears her name and stares even more to the floor 
[16/04/16 20:19] *Nimrodel*:Talking about sylvia, Why have you been on those horrendous tabloids again?. It was embarassing! And you looked positively.. Pea eyed! Horrible pictures! 
[16/04/16 20:21] Jubaris: Pity to allow to reach such a poor situation in old age... 
*says more to himself than directly for the gardener to hear, and without actual pity* 
[16/04/16 20:21] Jubaris: Some people have to work bloody hard on the other hand not to get in that situation 
*throws a glance down and smiles at himself* 
[16/04/16 20:22] Jubaris: 
*Sylvia's behavior caughts his attention* Oh, cous Sylvi, you were always so sensitive *approaches and smiles at her* We must catch up at the Ritz again 
[16/04/16 20:23] Jubaris:We'll have a bottle of champagne or twelve...
[16/04/16 20:25] Aeoshattr:Oh, gran! Awful pictures in those tabloids, weren't they? If only I had the time to get a better facial before! I would have totally gotten into that rich singer's... ah... 
*sighs softly* 
[16/04/16 20:26] Aeoshattr: 
*dabs her eyes* Antonio! Yes, yes, I must get to the Ritz again... can't find decent dru-... parties anywhere these days. Terrible, terrible... Speaking of, has anyone seen the will yet? 


[16/04/16 20:27] Aeoshattr: *looks around for a drink* Some wine, if you would please, butler! I need some alcohol, this dreadful atmosphere doesn't suit my make-up. 
[16/04/16 20:27] samon: 
*becomes slightly nervous at Kathy's words.* You know where I am.... In the gardens... Even if I'm not in my shed, I'm still there to take care of the plants. 
[16/04/16 20:27] :
*Nimrodel* ~butler pours some wine in sylvia's glass 
[16/04/16 20:28] Lintara: 
*pushes her glasses up* Such a fine family, Mrs Mariano, I am glad it is till intact. *sips from her glass, slightly eyeing Antonio* A fine family indeed. 
[16/04/16 20:28] :
*Nimrodel* ~last line this round~ 
[16/04/16 20:28] Lintara: 
*looks away and pushes her glasses up* Kathy, my child, the smells from the kitchen are delightful. Did you cook it? *pushes her glasses up* Are you still the Cook of the Manor? 
[16/04/16 20:29] *Nimrodel*:~As Kathy~ 
[16/04/16 20:30] *Nimrodel*:Yes I am! Talking about the Manor, Mr. Antonio! When Do you plan to get married? And Ms. Sylvia! That picture on the tabloids was really bad. very... 
[16/04/16 20:31] *Nimrodel*:~As Mrs. Mariano~ 
[16/04/16 20:31] *Nimrodel*:Oh yes. KAthy has done a mighty job showing me all those tabloids Sylvia... 
[16/04/16 20:32] *Nimrodel*:And 
*whispers in slightly hushed tones* please Ignore Margarita. I usually keep her locked during occasions. today.. it was.. Unavoidable. 
[16/04/16 20:32] :
dst blushes and pushes her glasses on her nose 
[16/04/16 20:33] Jubaris:Heh, well, I... 
[16/04/16 20:34] :
Jubaris his phone rings and he's relieved a bit 
[16/04/16 20:34] Jubaris: 
*answers* Antonio! 
[16/04/16 20:34] Jubaris:... No, crap! Sherlock, freeze his assets, FREEZE HIS ASSETS! 
[16/04/16 20:36] Aeoshattr: 
*takes a solid, un-lady-like swig from the glass of wine and sighs in relief* Oh gran! What did you think? I look good in the limelight, don't I? Just you wait, I'll be in another one next week- 
[16/04/16 20:37] Aeoshattr:One so important, it'll leave granpa's name in history! 
*mumbles and takes another swig* And mine hopefully in the testament. 





[16/04/16 20:47] *Nimrodel*:~round 2~ Soup and cucumber sandwitches have been removed. You are served with a light starter. 
[16/04/16 20:47] samon:Last night for example... 
*coughs lightly.* I was taking care of the ro... *coughs some more.* the rose- *Breaks out in a heavy coughing fit, holding onto his chest.* 
[16/04/16 20:49] Lintara: 
*carefully hits Danny over his back* May Lord preserve you, Danny. *turns to Mrs Mariano* Many of the congregation said such kind words about your husband since he has passed away, Mrs. Mariano. 
[16/04/16 20:49] Lintara: 
*fixes her glasses up, sits back* The viliage loved him. 
[16/04/16 20:49] dst: 
*pushes her glasses up her nose and then eyes Francesca while making a small hiccup sound and dangling her glass* Francesca dear could you please start comming to the prayer group on Wesdnesday evenin 
[16/04/16 20:49] dst:evening again? You've stopped comming and I miss your wisdom! 
*blushes again while releasing a fainth burp* 
[16/04/16 20:51] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Kathy~eats some of the starter* Sylvia! I keep reading the latest magazines. I loved that picture where you were lying in your own vomit on the pavement. Very impressive. 
[16/04/16 20:52] *Nimrodel*:And Mr. Antonio! Are you a true millionaire? If so, why dont you have a family yet? 
[16/04/16 20:52] *Nimrodel*:As Mrs. Mariano: 
[16/04/16 20:53] *Nimrodel*:Yes Yes Rev. Francesca. I plan to take a long tour though. Maybe I world tour. To get away from all the.. pain. 
[16/04/16 20:53] *Nimrodel*:And Sylvia! Its high time you get settled with a husband and family of your own! And Go on a tour yourself! 
[16/04/16 20:54] *Nimrodel*:Stop dragging the Mariano family name into the pavement and vomit... 
[16/04/16 20:54] Jubaris:Cooks have times for weddings with their random encounters. Those that work hard have to make sacrifices. 
*his thoughts roam towards that blonde he had to dump over two brunettes* 
[16/04/16 20:55] Jubaris:Eh, this gathering is becoming increasingly frustrating. Why are these people with us, granny Heiress? 
[16/04/16 20:55] Jubaris:I'm all for bird vicars, but the old geezer hardly passed away. He was splattered on the patio. 
[16/04/16 20:57] Aeoshattr:Grandma don't be stupid! You don't understand, it's part of the fame! 
*rubs her nose and sniffs ungracefully, before letting out a shrill laugh* 
[16/04/16 20:58] Aeoshattr: 
*ends the laugh in a wheeze, finding it hard to breathe* I'm jesting... Silly elders don't know that you need to sleep in vomit to get paparazzi to photograph you... 
[16/04/16 20:59] Aeoshattr:And Kathy, love, is your life as dry as the cucumber sandwhiches? Is that why you're showing Gran juicy photos of me? 
[16/04/16 20:59] Aeoshattr:..... 
[16/04/16 20:59] :
dst is appalled by Sylavia's words and blushes to the end of looking like a boiled lobster 
[16/04/16 21:01] samon: 
*takes his glass and takes a big gulp of water to calm down from his fit.* *Once fully calmed down he turns to Mrs. Mariano* A trip would be a very good idea... To get away from it all. 
[16/04/16 21:01] samon:The manor would become lonely when you're gone though... 
[16/04/16 21:02] Lintara: 
*eyes Sylvia judgingly for a moment, then turns to Margarita* Apologies Margarita, my child. *fixes her glasses* There were... ceremonies I had to hold. *smiles a little* I will be sure to attend 
[16/04/16 21:02] Lintara:this Wednesday. 
[16/04/16 21:02] Lintara: 
*waves with her hand slightly at the waiter offering her a refill* O-oh no, thank you, that's enough for this evening. 
[16/04/16 21:02] :
Lintara pauses Then again... Oh, why not? Jesus used to turn water to wine. chuckles at herself and fixes her glasses up 
[16/04/16 21:03] :
dst smiles faintly and releases a small burp 
[16/04/16 21:03] :
Lintara coughs a little and sips from her glass as well
[16/04/16 21:04] :dst does a big burp 
[16/04/16 21:04] dst:O.O 
[16/04/16 21:04] :
Lintara jumps slightly in her seat. 
[16/04/16 21:04] :
dst hides her head in shame thinking about what her mother will say
[16/04/16 21:07] *Nimrodel*:~As Kathy~ 
[16/04/16 21:08] *Nimrodel*:Oh child! But I was simply showing your grandmama How beautiful you've looked. 
[16/04/16 21:09] *Nimrodel*:Also, Rev. Francesca! I met MR. MArio Rossi, a priest who said he was from your previous parish 
[16/04/16 21:10] *Nimrodel*:From the lake district! 
[16/04/16 21:10] *Nimrodel*:He said he knew you. 
*smiles coyly* 
[16/04/16 21:10] *Nimrodel*:~As Mrs. Mariano~ 
[16/04/16 21:12] *Nimrodel*: 
*looks embarassed over Margarita's burping* As I said.. i usually keep her locked up. Such an embarassment to the family. 
[16/04/16 21:13] *Nimrodel*:And Sylvia.. you are too old to be fraternising with movie stars! No stability nothing! 
[16/04/16 21:13] :
dst tries to keep eye contact with her mother but fails and retreats in a corner 
[16/04/16 21:13] Jubaris: 
*phone rings* Oi! Hey toots! Yea I got it all worked out, our bank account will be more ready for investments, wink wink, heheh... 
[16/04/16 21:14] Jubaris:Fax me FTSY 100 
[16/04/16 21:14] Jubaris:I hope I'll survive this boring meeting, I think we're only half way... 
*imitates a snore* 
[16/04/16 21:14] *Nimrodel*: 
*asks Antonio* Why are you talking to yourself? 
[16/04/16 21:14] Jubaris:Ciao!! 
[16/04/16 21:17] Aeoshattr:Gran! 
*grabs onto the table, shaking, but manages to let go after gasping a few times* Yes... I should take a world tour... Did Granpa leave me enough money for that? *rubs and scratches her nose* . 
[16/04/16 21:20] samon:Why don't you have a suiter yet, Sylvia? I have a scrapbook with all your appearances and have seen plenty of fine people who seem interested in you. 
[16/04/16 21:20] Lintara: 
*shrugs at Katy* I have worked with many over the years, my child. *drinks, sways while humming the "Lord is my Shepherd" and looking at the ceiling, suddenly pauses* Oh, Kathy, what is for dessert? 
[16/04/16 21:23] dst: 
*takes her empty glass and starts dangle it* You knooow tat I LOOVE cross-stictch! I have bee workin' on a butiful piece for the Manor....took 7 SEVEN years 
[16/04/16 21:23] :
dst hiccups 
[16/04/16 21:23] :
dst burps and grins 
[16/04/16 21:23] *Nimrodel*:~As Kathy~There's triffle pudding for dessert Reverend. Its very delicious too 
[16/04/16 21:24] :
*Nimrodel* looks at Margarita for a moment and ignores her 
[16/04/16 21:24] *Nimrodel*:~As Mrs. Mariano~ 
[16/04/16 21:24] dst: 
*mumbles to herself* mommy dearest 
[16/04/16 21:25] *Nimrodel*: 
*blushes a bit looking at MArgarita's behaviour and concentrates on Antonio* Why do you keep talking to yourself Antonio? 


[16/04/16 21:36] Jubaris:Nah that was a phone call granny 
[16/04/16 21:36] :
*Nimrodel* wonders what a phone is 
[16/04/16 21:36] Jubaris:There's a hidden wire that transmits my voice to the other person 
[16/04/16 21:37] Jubaris:Very complicated and high tech. 
[16/04/16 21:37] :
*Nimrodel* nods her head not understanding a word 
(Jubaris had to stop from now on due to other Business. Hence He shall be graded only for rounds 1 and 2.) 
[16/04/16 21:30] Aeoshattr: 
*was scratching herself under the table, but lets out an offended, shrill gasp when she hears Danny* You have a what!? Oh heavens, thank drug-... the lord you stay in the shed outside most of the time 
[16/04/16 21:30] Aeoshattr: 
*gasps and puts her hand on her chest, feeling it hard to breathe* Gran! How is the will! Can I go on a world tour? 
[16/04/16 21:31] :
dst grins at Sylvia and raises her glass 





[16/04/16 21:39] samon:You're... like family after all, Sylvia. You won't believe how proud I am of how beautifully you've grown up. 
[16/04/16 21:40] samon: 
*gives a light smile to Sylvia over the table.* I just want to keep up with what's happening around you. 
[16/04/16 21:41] Lintara: 
*drinks another glass of wine and raises a shaky hand to push her glasses up again, mutters* Oh, away with these. *takes her glasses off and smiles at Antonio playfully* Antonio, my child, may I have 
[16/04/16 21:41] Lintara:your number? I would very much like to meet up sometime. Oh, Mrs Mariano, your butler is amazing! 
[16/04/16 21:42] :
dst feels wonderful 
[16/04/16 21:42] dst: 
*stands up and moves to the center of the room still dangling the empty glass and wabbling a bit* Kathy my dear!! 
[16/04/16 21:42] dst:I LOOOVE your coooking! Don't lsten to those mean people saying you cook awful!! No no no. I do! I really really really really do!!! 
[16/04/16 21:43] :
*Nimrodel* ~AS KATHY~gives Margarita a dirty look and Turns around to disclose in an as a matter of fact tone 
[16/04/16 21:44] *Nimrodel*:I believe Sylvia And Mr. Mariano never got along. She kept asking money for alcohol and.. Nightshade! Can you believe it? Night shade! 
[16/04/16 21:44] *Nimrodel*:And he was disgusted by it! Yes Mr. Mariano was. And they fought over it! 
[16/04/16 21:44] *Nimrodel*:~As Mrs. mariano~ 
[16/04/16 21:45] *Nimrodel*:KATHY! I hear you gossiping once more about my family I shall show you your place! 
[16/04/16 21:45] *Nimrodel*:Mr. Mariano was very tempted to sack you yes he was! 
[16/04/16 21:45] *Nimrodel*:Unfortunately he died before doing that! 
[16/04/16 21:45] :
samon looks up at Katy's words but keeps quiet because of Mrs Mariano 
[16/04/16 21:45] :
*Nimrodel* as kathy ~ Becomes a bit silent~ 
[16/04/16 21:46] :
Aeoshattr tries to hide a hideously dirty look she's casting at Kathy
[16/04/16 21:51] Aeoshattr: *looks from Danny to Kathy, shaking* Good Lord, Revenant say something! Look what this dinner in Granpa's memory is turning into! The lies Kathy tells! Granpa and I were so close, I loved him to bits! 
[16/04/16 21:52] Aeoshattr:All the bits he left on the pavement, as a matter of fact... Oh to hurt me even more, after his death. The humanity! 
*throws away her handkerchief and starts to rummage through her purse* 
[16/04/16 21:57] samon:Also to you, Antonio. 
*reaches out to lay a hand on his shoulder.* I'm very proud how much success you have in life, I'm sure you'll make it far with your business and your phone. 
[16/04/16 21:58] Lintara:Hmm?... 
*tries to make out Sylvia's features, then eyes Danny and grins* Danny, my child, why don't you take me to your shed someday? I would very much like to see your tools. 
[16/04/16 21:59] :
samon coughs lightly 
[16/04/16 22:00] dst:Reverent Francesca! 
*closes in and whispers smelling of wine* 
[16/04/16 22:01] dst:I heard you left your old parish because 
*blushes* you slept with hald of the congregation! 
[16/04/16 22:01] dst:It;s ABSURD! I don't believe it! 
*her look wonders from the floor to the ceiling and back* 
[16/04/16 22:02] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Kathy~rubs her nose and talks as she ponders* And are you sure REverend? Mr. Rossi absolutely positive about knowing you. he told Mrs. baker that you were chucked out for... breaking his marriage! 
[16/04/16 22:03] *Nimrodel*:~as Mrs. Mariano~ 
[16/04/16 22:04] *Nimrodel*:MARGARITA! Stop IT! You've had enough to drink!! TOO MUCH! 
[16/04/16 22:04] :
Lintara sways and hums while drinking the last sip from her glass. 
[16/04/16 22:04] *Nimrodel*:You are making a ghastly spectacle of yourself! Stop showing ORFFF! 
[16/04/16 22:07] :
dst looks puzzled at her mother for a while then returns to the floor examining 


[16/04/16 22:11] *Nimrodel*: *~As antonio~doesnt like the poor man touch his versace* Err.... Old man.. please keep your dirty hands away from me? 


[16/04/16 22:12] :samon sighs lightly and pulls his hand away. 
[16/04/16 22:13] :
samon let's out a soft cough 
[16/04/16 22:07] Aeoshattr: 
*takes something out of her purse, looking like a pill and swallows it dry, but also talks in the process* GWANDMA. MONEY. *gulp* How much did grandpa' leave? I NEED to make plans for the world tour! 
[16/04/16 22:08] Aeoshattr: 
*swallows again, seeming to feel better and stops sniffing and itching her nose* AH... aspirin works wonders when dealing with boring conversations... 
[16/04/16 22:14] samon: 
*takes a pipe from one of his pockets and starts filling it up.* My tools are only there to take care of Mrs Mariano's garden. Before I forget, reverend... Earlier today someone from a... What was it. 
[16/04/16 22:15] samon:... A male escort agency? ... Came by earlier today and asked for you. I send him over to the church. Did you manage to meet him? 
*He brings the pipe to his mouth.* Anyone mind if I light this up? 
[16/04/16 22:15] :
samon lights up his pipe while still asking. 
[16/04/16 22:16] Lintara:Oh, yes, Danny, I have received him as necessary. 
*sets the glass down and traces the edge of the empty glass with her fingertip* Mrs. Mariano, it's such a shame that you and your husband lived so 
[16/04/16 22:16] Lintara:so differently at your separate wings of the manor. He would tell such stories of your disagreements. 
[16/04/16 22:17] :
Lintara sighs At least both of you will be reunited in Kingdom Come... grins at Mrs. Mariano deviously 
[16/04/16 22:17] :
dst sits on a chair and starts dangling her show on the tip of her toes 
[16/04/16 22:17] dst: 
*raises her glass and eyes to Antonio* How's your mother dear? 
[16/04/16 22:17] dst: 
*turns to the rest of the party* You know, his mother is my sister. She NEVER visits! 
[16/04/16 22:17] :
dst pushes her glasses back on her nose and starts examining the floor again 
[16/04/16 22:19] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Kathy~whispers feverishly* I heard Antonio talk on his phone about how he was going to become way richer beccause of his grnadad's death! How unaceptable !! 
[16/04/16 22:19] *Nimrodel*:~as Mrs. Mariano~ 
[16/04/16 22:20] *Nimrodel*: 
*to Sylvia* Unfortunately dear, granpa didnt leave anythign for us in the will. he donated all the money to the local football club! Thankfull we have money of our own to get by... 
[16/04/16 22:21] *Nimrodel*:~As Antonio~ 
[16/04/16 22:22] *Nimrodel*: 
*phone rings and he moves out* YEs! Buy The Bloody buggers! Now! 
[16/04/16 22:23] *Nimrodel*: 
*peeps inside* and Sylvia cous! Take a whiff of that old man's smoke will you? Before you die? 
[16/04/16 22:24] :
samon relaxes slightly as he takes a puff from his pipe. 
[16/04/16 22:25] Aeoshattr: 
*drops her glass on the table, getting all shaky again* N-no money for us? *takes a deep breath of the smoky air, her eyes fluttering* G-gran... Granny, he must have left something for us... 
[16/04/16 22:26] Aeoshattr: 
*tears up, this time wiping the corners of her eyes with her hands* Granny! He surely left something for a good girl who will stop going to parties! 
[16/04/16 22:29] :
samon takes another large puff of smoke 
[16/04/16 22:32] samon: 
*stands up, leaning slightly on his chair before finding his ballance.* Friends, I have a confession to make. 
[16/04/16 22:32] samon:50 years ago, when I first starte out working here I fell in love with Mrs. Mariano. 
*He takes a moment to make up his mind on how to move on from there. * 
[16/04/16 22:33] Lintara: 
*admires Danny's features while he's saying his speech, her gaze gets caught by his bum and shouts* Nice bottom Danny! 
[16/04/16 22:33] samon: 
*inhales some smoke from his pipe* And to my surprise she was interested in a simple gardener like me as well. 
[16/04/16 22:33] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Kathy~mutters feverishly* oh no oh no...oh god... 
[16/04/16 22:33] samon:We met up together many times. 
[16/04/16 22:33] dst: 
*gets up wabbling from the wine* Antonio! You're a llllovely nephew! 
[16/04/16 22:34] :
Aeoshattr 's jaw hangs slack in a very un-lady-like expression 
[16/04/16 22:34] samon:At first it was just an innocent kiss. 
[16/04/16 22:34] :
dst throws her glasses off and her right shoe almost losing her balance 
[16/04/16 22:34] Lintara: 
*gasps* Mrs. Mariano!... Is this true? 
[16/04/16 22:34] samon:But soon it turned into more. 
[16/04/16 22:34] dst: 
*looks at her mom* you little devil! 
[16/04/16 22:34] :
dst burps 
[16/04/16 22:35] *Nimrodel*:~As Mrs, Mariano~ Stares in horror DANNY! SHUT UP! And Sit down! 
[16/04/16 22:35] samon:Over the past 50 years Mrs Mariano and I have been secretly seeing eachother. 
[16/04/16 22:35] samon:I do not know how much he knew, but... 
[16/04/16 22:36] samon:Antonio, Sylvia... 
[16/04/16 22:36] samon:Mr Mariano was not your grandfather. 
[16/04/16 22:37] samon:Antonio, I recognize a lot of myself in you 
[16/04/16 22:37] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Kathy~* Is this true Mrs. Mariano? 
[16/04/16 22:37] :
*Nimrodel* grabs Antonio's phone and rushes off to tell other people about the scandal 
[16/04/16 22:37] :
Aeoshattr gags and retches, looking disgusted 
[16/04/16 22:38] samon:Mrs. Mariano and I have spend many a passionate night together, and now Mr Mariano is gone I want my grandchildren to know they're mine. 
[16/04/16 22:38] samon:That was all. 
[16/04/16 22:38] :
samon falls back in his chair. 
[16/04/16 22:38] :
Aeoshattr lets out a shrill scream, grabbing Danny's pipe and starting to puff like crazy from it 
[16/04/16 22:38] *Nimrodel*: 
*~as Antonio~ * OI OLD MAN! Shut your trap about that nonsense! I refuse to believe it! Stop it unless you want me to punch your head off! 
[16/04/16 22:39] Lintara: 
*wide-eyed, tipsily motions a cross and turns to Mrs. Mariano* Is what Danny says true? 
[16/04/16 22:40] :
*Nimrodel*~as Mrs. Mariano~ ignores all questions and looks away 
[16/04/16 22:40] :
samon looks around where he left his pipe to find it in Sylvia's mouth, a light smile on his lips. 
[16/04/16 22:41] Lintara:Mrs. Mariano, is what this man has just announced the truth? 
[16/04/16 22:41] :
*Nimrodel*~As Mrs. Mariano~ continues ignoring the din of Questions after giving her a dirty look 
[16/04/16 22:42] Lintara:Did you and this man have an affair? 
[16/04/16 22:42] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Mrs. Mariano~closes her eyes* Its all in the past. it doesnt matter. 
[16/04/16 22:43] :
Lintara nods and takes another sip from her glass. 
[16/04/16 22:43] :
dst grins then smiles and tries to push up her nose the inexistant pair of glasses 
[16/04/16 22:43] dst:Danny, I wish you wre ma dad! I hated dad. He wash bullying me.He was ashmed! 
[16/04/16 22:43] dst:He wrecked ma confidence! 
*wabbles some more with one shoe on her feet* 
[16/04/16 22:44] :
dst sits on the chair almost missing it and starts contemplating the floor 
[16/04/16 22:45] :
*Nimrodel* ~as kathy~ Gossips hurriedly over the phone telling as many people as she can before coming back and handing the phone over to Antonio~ 
[16/04/16 22:46] *Nimrodel*: 
*~as Mrs. Mariano~Glares at the cook* I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU WRETCH! You and your incessant gossipping! 
[16/04/16 22:46] *Nimrodel*:You did this because you have no life of your OWn! No family! ALl this is your fault! YOURS! 
[16/04/16 22:47] *Nimrodel*:Mr. Mariano was about to sack you on the day of your murder because of this! HE SAid So! 
[16/04/16 22:48] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Antonio~stares at the chaotic revelations and picks up another call* Float That COmpany! WE dont need that friggin company dude! 
[16/04/16 22:49] Aeoshattr: 
*takes a few more desperate puffs, almost going completely limp in the chair as she starts sobbing, mascara running down her face* I'm bloody well screwed now... Gran! Granny! Please! Just a loan! 
[16/04/16 22:50] Aeoshattr:50 thousand! 50! Just 50 and you'll never see me at parties ever again! 50 is all I need to sort out that-... world tour! 
[16/04/16 22:52] samon:Give that here dear, before you knock yourself out. 
*takes the pipe from Sylvia and takes another puff himself.* Oh, also, Kathy. I know that you and Mr Mariano didn't get allong to well... 
[16/04/16 22:53] :
samon takes another good puff from his pipe 
[16/04/16 22:53] samon:But I'm lord of the manor now, so you know what. I'll give you a raise! 
[16/04/16 22:53] Lintara: 
*leans in and whispers to Sylvia* Sylvia, my child, would you like to buy something from my Lingerie catalogue? 
[16/04/16 22:56] :
dst stands up and aproaches Sylvia 
[16/04/16 22:56] :
dst leans over to talk to Sylvia and almost loses her balance but recovers it in the last moment 
[16/04/16 22:56] dst:Sylvia, my dear niece! I hav a BIIIIG favor to ask of you! Dear! You must help me! Could you pleeeease take me with you one ngt at Ritz? 
[16/04/16 22:56] :
dst grabs Sylavia's arm Pleeease! makes puppy eyes since she cannot see Sylvia too well without her glasses 
[16/04/16 22:56] :
*Nimrodel* As kathy -Goes quiet hearing about all the blame of being lonely and family less and goes quiet 
[16/04/16 22:57] :
*Nimrodel* ~As Mrs. Mariano~ Keeps glaring at Kathy lest her voice should rise again 
[16/04/16 22:58] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Antonio~ to the reverend* WOman Conduct yourself better! You disgrace the religion! 
[16/04/16 23:00] Aeoshattr:Graaaaaannnnnnn 
*sobs pathetically while biting her lip. As Margarita grabs her, she begins to dance like a lunatic, mumbling "I'm screwed"* 
[16/04/16 23:00] Aeoshattr: 
*twirls the drunken auntie around* Granny please... 50k! A loan, I'll give it back! I'll suck all the... wallets... dry! 
[16/04/16 23:01] :
samon puffs a perfect little ring, not a care in the world now his biggest secret is off his shoulders. 
[16/04/16 23:01] samon:Lucy in the sky with diamonds... 
*starts sining with the voice of a man thta smoked one too many* 
[16/04/16 23:02] samon:Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 
[16/04/16 23:02] samon:Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers That grow so incredibly high 
[16/04/16 23:03] :
Lintara is swinging more and more from side to side and with a strong smell of alcohol from her 
[16/04/16 23:04] :
Lintara smiles Mrs. Mariano... hic.. Your husband... was a great kisser. The church will greatly miss his... donations. laughs aloud 
[16/04/16 23:04] dst: 
*throws off her cardigan and shouts* I AM GAY!!!! 
[16/04/16 23:04] :
dst colapses on a chair 
[16/04/16 23:04] samon: [
Video link
[16/04/16 23:05] *Nimrodel*: 
*~As Kathy~* You are so disgusting Reverend! I shall complain about you to the bishop himself! 
[16/04/16 23:05] *Nimrodel*: 
*~as Mrs Mariano~* Oh dear Margarita! WHat does that mean? Do you have a certificate for that? 
[16/04/16 23:06] :
dst laughs out maniacally 
[16/04/16 23:06] *Nimrodel*:Come hear dear. Come to mama 
*hugs the daughter close* 
[16/04/16 23:06] :
dst tries to escape from mom's embrance 
[16/04/16 23:06] dst:NO! 
[16/04/16 23:06] dst:go away! you've abused me too much! 
[16/04/16 23:07] :
dst frantically looks for her glasses and shoe 
[16/04/16 23:07] :
*Nimrodel* ~As Antonio~ Sylvia! Do you remember that cat of Aunt Marg's That we tortured as Children? It still cracks me up when i think about it.. laughs loudly ignoring all the confusion 
[16/04/16 23:07] *Nimrodel*: 
*runs behind Margarita* Come to mama dear! 
[16/04/16 23:08] :
dst starts shivering 
[16/04/16 23:08] Aeoshattr: 
*fans herself, looking at the crazy scene* KATHY YOU WRETCH! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! 
[16/04/16 23:09] :
dst goes to a corner and squats there trying to get away from the people 
[16/04/16 23:09] :
Aeoshattr screams and breaks down, sobbing and now dancing alone, like a raving lunatic 



First place: dst Score: 55.13/62 - Wp + 30s + 4 wookie points

Second Place: Samon: Score: 54.81/62 -  3 wookie points

Third Place: Aeoshattr Score: 49.56/62 - 2 wookie points

Fourth place: Lintara Score: 40/62 - 1 wookie point

Jubba and Miq get 1 wookie point each too :)

The Murderer was sylvia Mariano (aka Aeoshattr) because she wanted money basically. It was an accidental murder. But all those details are not relevant. Anything around murder for money was accepted. Congratulations guys :) the judges were happy with your RP. :)

Edited by Nimrodel
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@ Junior: You are currently affiliated to Marind Bell, as a member of KoB. You cannot represent no man's land. If you wish to represent Marindbell, please talk to Jubaris about it and decide one champion amongst yourself.

Noting your attempt to represent No man's land even though you are affiliated to MB, any future requests in order to represent no man's land would require you geting vouched from atleast 3 active members from no man's land.

Also consider this a subtle warning, any supposedly clever stunts of sorts to enter this quest, will ban you from not only this quest but all future quests of mine. :)

Edited by Nimrodel
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53 minutes ago, Nimrodel said:

Also consider this a subtle warning, any supposedly clever stunts of sorts to enter this quest, will ban you from not only this quest but all future quests of mine. :)

That's a bit rich coming from you.

I'll apply for NML. If anyone vouches for me, feel free to upvote me or something.

Sylvia Mariano - unless someone else is picked from NML.

Edited by Aeoshattr
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12 minutes ago, Aeoshattr said:

That's a bit rich coming from you.

Please keep your brilliant comments to yourself. If you have any issues with my quest you can refrain from participating.

The vouching requirement was for junior only. Not for anyonelse. This was in an attempt to secure a fair place for a person not affiliated with any lands like in your case. But hey... Being considerate is not really appreciated nowadays :)

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On 4/5/2016 at 2:17 PM, Nimrodel said:

The Murderer was sylvia Mariano (aka Aeoshattr) because she wanted money basically. It was an accidental murder. But all those details are not relevant. Anything around murder for money was accepted. Congratulations guys :) the judges were happy with your RP. :)

Yes, yes... accidental... yes... :bar_moodpanel:

Explicit Language warning 



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