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Land Affiliation Bug


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As you can see in the picture, the land affiliation is bugged. Rather than showing ".:Marinds Bell:." or ".:No Homeland:." it simply shows ".::."

I'm unsure how this came about to Blut (as I don't know how he lost his badge/citizenship), so perhaps he could post here or contact Chew privately (if sensitive info).

I'd have guessed he was killed in Necro, became part of "The Dead" and this is a side-effect of losing land/badge when killed and then revived.


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  • Root Admin
39 minutes ago, blackrider said:

When trying to get my loreroot citizenship back i was told i need to request to be realised from the dead's citizenship. Who is the land leader of the dead and if there is none then how can one get there citizenship back

Who said that?

Please do not  hijack threads :)

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  • Root Admin
37 minutes ago, blackrider said:

Well lintara said i have to requests permission to leave the land of the dead from its king. She said i cant get my citizenship back till then. 

Im not sure thats how it works. Unless I have missed something forcing you to stay in the land? Have you been invited in, or made a citizen of another land and it didnt work?

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