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Guess the scene

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(This was supposed to run during MB's day, but I had some technical isues and couldn't do it)

The task is simple: identify the scenes from which the following details are taken and write a list with the names of those scenes, then send it to me(forum/in-game pm). To make it a bit more challenging, I added a lens effect on the details :)

Rewards: I deemed this quest to be very easy - one can simply pull out screenshots and solve it (like I will, to check your answers), but you can prove me wrong. So, for now, the reward is 6sc and 1 HW plushie, but if I get wrong answers...the rewards will only increase. You've got one shot at it, no alts allowed.



I forgot to add there are a max of three winners for this one....also, a very generous sponsor wants to add some crits to the pool :)

I'm waiting for lists, don't be shy, everyone can join.

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On 25/4/2016 at 2:54 PM, Jubaris said:

If you happen to increase the duration of the quest for a few more days, and there are at least 3 entries, I'm donating a WP for the winner

why not...i have two PM so far

come on, folks, you have a few more days to try to guess the scenes, rewards are pretty nice

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Quest closed, both participants get 1 wookie point. I considered extra rewards in case only NC scenes were the problem - but it wasn't the case. All scenes were from mainlands, all public.


Now...Granos put my quest up in the Quests tab, this pretty much tells me he likes it; Jubba sponsored a WP, this tells me he liked it also. 

So, I am willing to re-open the quest, everybody is allowed to participate, even the previous two who tried it, but the rewards are undecided yet - it's your choice whether to try it or not

(wookie points are excluded this time, so are plushies because they're locked for trade).

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So to make sure I get this right:

People who participated already get the wookie points.

You reopen the quest, everybody can do it again, and there will be other rewards?


Just to make sure I understand correctly :) I liked the quest and I'm certainly interested.

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Same terms (send me the list, one entry per player, one shot at guessing it right, fastest correct list is the winner), 

time...a week? let's say until next thursday, that sounds like enough time to even get into Necro :)

Rewards: 1 ts+1gc first place,

                1 rw+1gc second place,

                1 rw+1gc third place,

some silver for each participant. First three places need to send me the right scene names, not just be 'close'. If there are more than 5 entries, one WP!!


Thanks to TK, lashtal and, of course, Jubaris.


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But it's not over...here's another one, I think, a lot easier.


Rules stay the same - send me the correct list with the scene names (tip:all scenes have something in common), fastest one wins 1st place, second fastest 2nd place and third fastest... 4th place (I'm joking). Three winners, send me the lists until next monday.

1st place: BP archer 2nd: root warrior 3rd: root warrior


The middle image, where it writes "guess the scene" in red, is not a detail from a scene!

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