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New herbs in MD?


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I was thinking that first level resource Unidentified herbs could be used into some clickable and turned into rare herbs (2nd level). For example, 40 unidentified herbs give one 1 (or more, random) rare herb, and the rest of the herbs are discarded as grass, and it turns into compost over time. And maybe a tag can be worked out (herbs specialist), maybe a new tool can be created, for harvesting (ritualic/golden sickle) etc
As for the rare herbs, I thought about taking a real herb and give it magical properties (instead of the medicinal ones).
I took a book (I can put it in the downloads section) and worked two herbs from it.


Woody Nightshade: The woody nightshade grows up with woody stalks, even to a man's height, and sometimes even higher. The branch is compassed about with a whitish bark. The leaves fall off at the approach of winter, and spring out of the same stalks at spring-time. They are longish and pointed at the ends and of a pale green colour; the flowers are of a purple colour, or of a perfect blue, and they stand many together in knots. The berries are green at first, but when they are ripe they are very red. They grow almost everywhere, especially in moist and shady places.
Effect: The woody nightshade has very potent anti-magic properties: it will protect from spells being applied on you, and some say it even protects one against taint.
or      The woody nightshade is a very potent repellant, as it will help send away unwanted guests.

Wound Wort: The wound wort has a root that's long, thick and full of juice, of a hot and biting taste. The leaves are great, large and hairy, each leaf consisting of five or six pairs of such wings set one against the other upon foot-stalks, broad below, but narrow towards the end. The leaves are of a bitterish taste being chewed in the mouth. From among these arises a stalk, green in colour, round in form, great and strong in magnitude, with many joints and some leaves thereat: towards the top come forth umbles of small yellow flowers.
Effect: The wound wort is said to remove poisons and bring back vitality to the wounded and the weary.


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yea, cool, but ....

Currently the system is still incomplete as it left lots of useless resources.

So, unless you don't mind grinding like an idiot those 2nd lvl herbs for an year just have them taken away ... we should wait for mur to complete his items.


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Well, I'm not rushing anything, but I think potions will be introduced at a certain point, right? I was mostly interested if this kind of herb description works, because I can do a couple of them per day until I reach some dozens. 

(the reference book is Culpeper's herbal, an obsolete, but fun book that also contain recipes)

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