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Equilibrium tourney II - applications

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Hi! This is about a statless combat tourney, very flexible schedule so you won't miss much time - if you're interested don't miss it!

I'm using this as reference, please check it out: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16860-applications-for-the-statless-tourney/


Post your name and ID here to apply.

Deadline for applications: ~ 15th June

Rules are same as in the previous tourney, but next time we might add newly implemented creatures...



- Statless, tokenless, comboless, knockout tourney

- Allowed creatures: Recruitables (NML, MB, NC, LR*) + Imps, Sharptroopers, Soulweavers, jokers, Blood pacts and anniversary aramors.

*LR archer included

- Only mind power 5 this time.

Rewards: Roughly same as before, but will have to sort out the details with Chewy and the TKs - you can expect WP for the champion along with the trophy item Golden Wreath, coins for 2nd and 3rd.



We have a record low population nowdays, but I'm still expecting a good turnout. However, if there is less than 6 participants, it is under question whether we will be having the tourney.

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8 participants, perfect :) 

I'll organize the distribution in public in several days. Regular distribution rules apply, note that the draw will separate Ungod and me in separate branches because of same ally.

If no objections, same land but different allies will not be forcefully separated (cases of Clock Master with Ungod and me and case of Sunfire and Mallos).


Same rewards like the previous time confirmed by Eara of the TKs :) 

We are now only waiting for Chewy to confirm that he will make the trophy for the winner.

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