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What happened to the follower system?


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Ann. 2843 Priority: 2 [2013-12-13 05:33:57 - Stage 12]
Follower System
You can indicate someone that you "follow" on the >>>new experimental interface<<<. This gives every player a power to show who they believe in, agree with, would follow someone. It doesnt have any meaning but the meaning you give to it. This is an social experiment to see what people would do and doesnt further MD at all. But like all experiments may be further integrated later. Follow someone you believe knows best for MD, perhaps they will become a PC member and further your interests or run yourself and get people to follow you. There may be rewards for those who get the most followers and those in the best leaders group. More information will be posted to the forum.

FAQ's and more information can be found on the >>>forum topic<<<.


Announcements - View ID 2847
Ann. 2847 Priority: 1 [2013-12-15 23:03:03 - Stage 12]
A page to show who follows who and those who have the highest score has been created and is accessible. Those who wish to have a decision in the realm should start collecting as many followers as possible. Those that wish to have their voice heard should follow someone who will represent them. This page is being worked on and will be made prettier later. For now the functionality is there. More details to come.



The pages linked in those two announcements for the Follower System 404 and the forum topic linked in the first announcement appears to be hidden. What happened to the very promising Follower System and its potential importance for mp6?

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