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Free MD Advertisement Idea

Sir Blut

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Hello MD! I'm not sure if this is a great idea but I got it today while I was at a mall and it seemed pretty cool to me. MD could possibly gain some free exposure if we MDers loaded the homepage on tablets or computers or phones (You know, the ones in stores that you can test out) Whenever we were in such a place. Some may see it and get curious and try it out. What do you think about this?


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The store may have a policy against people doing something like that, so may get the people doing it in a little bit of trouble (I can't imagine any serious punishment/telling off for doing this). But should give a bit of exposure, and as you say it's free. So long as the people doing it are aware the store may tell them off/such for doing so.

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On 8/7/2016 at 10:24 PM, Mallos said:

Might cause some potential alt issues if you actually log into your account so don't do that.

I didn't mean to log in,  just load the page ^^ it probably wouldn't make a major impact but it would give a little more exposure. Another thing, which probably has been mentioned before at some point is that we as players could advertise online in different places that allow it. Its been done but I dont know if anyone is still actively doing it. I was just thinking of ways md could get some free exposure as I know firsthand we used to have ads on other sites and it did bring a massive amount of players at some point. It might conflict a bit with md's natural filter though. 

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11 hours ago, Mallos said:

The filter weeds them out after they join not before, also it might be changing considering the new tutorial they are planning to release. So any new players are always welcome.

Actually, to a certain extent I'd like to disagree with you. You make it sound like everyone that will come across MD and see the concept is going to join, and then the filter through game play will weed them out. It takes a  certain kind of person to actually show enough interest to make an account in the first place. :D

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I'm not sure what settings can and cannot be changed on devices that are on display in shops, but another idea would be to set the wallpaper of the device to something... magicduel-y. Something that also contains the website address. This would be more visible than the browser homepage.

Just tossing in ideas.

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