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Mindpower flow


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I don't know why, but since some time ago I had the feeling mindpowers should be able go both ways: rise and descend.

In the title I used Aeoshattr's term, who said he sees the current flow of mindpowers mp3->mp4->mp5 as correct.

So I decided to look it up on the forum and found an old topic where Mur talked about plans to make the MPs go down. The topic is from 2011, though :)


I thnk mindpowers' stability can be affected to reverse the 'normal' flow, the question is: what could affect it? Interested in hearing what you think, I also have an idea, but it might be too late for it (or too early lol).

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Probably overexposure, you can't keep something forever.

*sent 15 hours and 30 minutes ago
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Original message:
I need about 2 mil more heat tolerance and I am trying to figure out ways I can get it since fighting doesn't seem like an option right now.
Original message
Title: RE~6: hello?
You may want to try going through the labyrinth to the north.

I found this one just south of the gates of Necrovion. He was mp4 with very little days, probably a good fighter. He was asking me how to get to mp5 in essence, after around 5 pms I  couldn't quite figure out how to reply to him. I ended up sending this. I haven't heard back from him, this was a few days ago.
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Ok I was really trying to make a connection with killing and combat but I couldn't quite so here goes: 

Dead players may kill 1 player per month they are dead. Retribution is for the swift, as dead can't walk far. Stay away from necrovion everyone, it's radioactive.

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here's some ideas: death, taint

Not that i wanna go against my idea, but to have a mindpower flow would be like current in an electrical circuit...going 'back and forth'. And that's pretty much against how mindpower system is - right now, advancing is like a suprastructure that stabilizes. Making it unstable and reverting it to correct things should come with a heavy price - with many restrictions that can be viewed as impairing limitations.

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