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People, to not be opening new posts on exchanges / offers it will be updated frequently with'll post here to facilitate.

TT/WTB-I am currently after mask items to help in my RP; (the masks I already have: Bauta venetian mask; Angry mask; Columbina venetian mask )

-I will accept coins offers or other itens I need for anything listed here...

WTT/WTS-I have this list of RP itens at shop, if anything you need is there... (19-12-2016)

Ace of red clubs; Bird Card; Bird Nest; Brush; Champagne Flutes; Chinese Boxes; Firefly Jar; House of Tainted Times Sticker; Pet Rock; Pumpkin; Posh Cats Society Mouse. 






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1 hour ago, dst said:

5GCs and 10 SCs.

Reindrach will be sold 48 hours after the last bid

58 minutes ago, Nimrodel said:

Coiled snake skin, half a tambourine, Marind's tea cup, mood switch, stuffed toy panda, yarn

total offer of: 15sc?

I imagine it is a fair offer...

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In relation to Rein, the only rule I put after the 1st bids was 48hs after the last bid (I guess this is a relatively good time to replicate) when I asked if the dst had won it was only 2hs left for 48hs, so dst really Reached this rule before Neno made another bid; thank you all...

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3 minutes ago, blackrider said:

1 brilliant diamond and 45 silver

As we talked about it earlier in PM, (to facilitate other interested parties) I imagine the offer can be splited this way:

the brilliant for Santa, and 45 SC for Rusty.

deadline for this auction is 24 of december 23:59

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19 hours ago, dst said:

How many GCs do you value a brilliant?


I've been researching about it, and I had an idea, maybe we should open another post to discuss this, as there is still no rule of diamond value, I would suggest a comparison the way it is possible to get GC from free credits, 0,31$/day and around 111$ in 360 days; in 360 days a player can make up to 6 brilliant; so the question is, how many GC a player can get if he get the shortcuts to GC in every shop section, the only I already checked was from timed boosters (56$ if Im not wrong); Perhaps the comparison is not the best, after all, other benefits are gained along the way ... logic says that diamond is worth more than gold, but MD has its own rules ...

14 hours ago, Sunfire said:

Any tokens?

no they are the way I posted; maybe I can get some tokens in rusty while I goes after Santa; But I'll do it only if the interest is real in covering those additional tokens ...

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