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Faceless' fears

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Based on recent events and quests that I take part, they inspired me to write them as a step in the development of my character, I think the proposed wordplay that was not what I understand it, I just used them as inspiration and inserted them in my story, hope you like it anyway:


~ Day: 298 Year: 11 ~


Faceless, the faceless man, not that he does not have a face, of course; but he always keeps it covered with a mask... Is he shy? Impossible! This would be an exaggeration; Deformed? Who knows ... Trying to hide his true identity? Perhaps...

It seems to me that he is in truth obsessed with his face, who has been in his house saw no mirrors anywhere, sometimes he gets a face doodling on paper, and when he distracts and thinks no one is watching him put the design on his unmasked face; other times he is "tracing the lines of" a  strange faceless statue he bought in an antique shop...

Anyway it seems that recently he had the idea of using a angry mask and a pumpkin and create his own hallowen mask to use this year...

But everything has its price and the right time to do it, there may be no time for this at all, it is certain that his work and recent research led him to buy a trip to Necrovion, after all what better place for a weird man who seems to have some disorder like prosopagnosia to do a obscure research...

Lashtal a subject also quite mysterious is his guide during the trip to Necrovion, they go through many dark places, weird, strange places, that seem to actually be a twisted mirror or a negative plan of elsewhere; for the first time in many years, Faceless feel at home, his appearance does not matter, in fact not even his presence is noticed...

So at any given time they come to a place called House of the Tainted Times and step into the dark library, he is so fascinated and think:

"Finally, here may I find what I seek so much!"

...For days with poor light, sitting in a dark corner he is reading, studying those old books, suddenly starts to rain, the temperature cools increasingly, some leaks begin to form and the water begins to pool on the floor, lightning cut the sky followed by loud thunder, he notes the roof and reflections that the lightning are within the library, note that by the local state these books should have already decayed many years ago, but are intact, just dusty and...covered in spiderwebs...how he had not noticed this before??

He was so excited about reading and researching he had not seen spiderwebs scattered everywhere, suddenly something rubs his leg and walks inside his pants, a chill runs through his spine and between jumps and screams he can get rid of the creature, with his heart pounding he looks with the help of a flash of the last lightning.... was just a mouse...

He seeks to calm down and sit in a corner, but just in a large puddle of water, the storm is passing and his vision will muddying, then he can not see anything right, then now is the darkness that frightens him, he tries to grope something but it seems that the shelves of books are gone from his reach, again something rubs his leg, he just think that is the mouse again, yet he refrains from trying to find out what is in the midst of darkness, sitting in the corner he try to rises slowly as the creature slowly climb his body, then the feeling is unbearable, much as he avoids thinking it can not be a mouse, a rat after all has only 4 legs and it certainly possessed at least twice...

Sweat ran down his face, chills the spine at every step of the creature rising through his body, then suddenly a lightning, the storm that seemed to have calmed down gave his last sign, then with a brightness that was formed for a brief moment he observed what was already climbing at belly height: a huge tarantula, in a superhuman effort he hits the spider and runs through the dark corridors of the library...

He suddenly stumbles on something on the ground, the roots of some plants seem to break the floor and try to curl up at his feet, he desperately tries to get rid of those living roots while crawling back, then he hears footsteps coming his way... A frightening voice echoed through the corridors and call for him, then after a moment the figure shrouded in black cloth approaches and touches the shoulder and says:

 "Faceless what happened? You scared with something? For days you are locked inside the House of the Tainted Times Dark Hall for your research... Then he finally recognizes Lashtal the guide who brought him inside Necrovion, then he realizes that there were not so many spiderwebs, the only spider that he was able to observe in a spiderweb was so small it did not scare a fly, nor was raining, there were nowaterpuddles on the floor, or roots or plants breaking through the floor, was he going crazy? Madness or was it just a nightmare?

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nice story

ok, it seems I didn't formulate the requirements correctly, since you chose three as well...my bad. You need to identify your fear in a plant, a fish, a reptile, a bird/insect and a mammal, as well as choose an element for it.

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I hope now it is right aka 1 fear related to 6 things...

Spider= spider-fish; clambering plant; Komodo dragon; spider-ant; spider-monkey; water

ps: I have not researched the scientific name, but in Brazil these things are called so (only translated to English)

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the fish spider creates legs making it an amphibian;

the clambering plant becomes carnivorous and spreads monstrously forming a giant spider web;

the komodo dragon is achieved by a chemical and mutagenic substance, growing outsize way, so like a real dragon;

a meteorite falls on Earth infested with strange parasitic microbes, and get in touch with them the spider-ants are infected making it a huge threat;

to be subjected to a horrible genetic experiment, the monkey spider develops four additional members outsized like a giant spider;

water, a cataclysmic tsunami.

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blueprint: transgenic giant spider mutant.

a secret scientific agency after years of research collects the modified genetic material of the mutant fish-spider, clambering plant carnivorous, komodo dragon mutant, infected ant-spider and spider-monkey transgenic and creates a hideous creature: the transgenic giant spider mutant.

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the fish-spider DNA give it amphibian adaptability;

the clambering-plant-carnivorous DNA allows It the ability to create web that disguises itself as plants, easily holding victims;

the komodo dragon mutagenic DNA allows extra capacity for regeneration, poison and giant size (note the abdomen with reptilian appearance);

the DNA of parasitic microbes who infested the spider-ants gives It the amazing ability of reproduction and resistance;

the DNA of the monkey-spider develops members and hands instead of legs, also greatly increases intelligence.



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