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Dst's fears

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Idiots - mosquitoes 

         - sheep

         - rock (as in dumb as a rock)


Small and tight places - snake

                                   - mole

                                   - rock


Natural disasters   - locusts

                             -  whales  (I should tell you about the dream I had some weeks ago...)

                              - water

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From this:


Associate your fear(s) with: a plant, a fish, a reptile, a bird/insect (whichever you want) and a mammal (human beings excluded)

I understood that I have to choose a plant, fish, reptile, bird OR insect + mammal...

But ok...as you say...I will edit my post.

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Natural disasters:


Plant: tabacco
Fish: pangasius
Reptile: snake
Insect: locusts
Mammal: whales

Element: Water


Small and tight places:

Fish: Gold fish
Repltile: snake
Insect: ant
Mammal: mole

Element: rock


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Plant: tobacco  -- one giant leaf covering all the others (which whiter), full with pustules
Fish: pangasius  -- overgrown liver filled with toxic waste which pushes the skin creating a bulge
Reptile: snake  -- extended tongue, long enough to reach the tail also split in 4 and not in 2
Insect: locusts  -- overgrown teeth -enough to be seen with the naked eye
Mammal: whales  -- extended blow holes - resembling tubes


Plant:carrot  -- tiny discolored leaves
Fish: Gold fish  -- overgrown eyes (so you'll feel bad when you look at it in the bowl you have placed it)
Repltile: snake  -- eyes the size of golf balls
Insect: ant   -- 20 cm legs
Mammal: mole  -- huge nose that can make it get stuck in the tight places

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A platypus as a forebearer of natural disasters...that's good, but marmosets are cute :P

Let's see...tobacco leaves...I'm having a hard time thinking about how to insert them into the tipology of a platypus. I'm thinking tiny tobacco leaves covering the body of a playtpus, emanating toxic fumes.

The overgrown liver of a pangasius - we can push it outside the skin of a platypus; yeah, I imagine it's hideous. Let's make it of a giant size, depositing the toxins that the playtpus releases.

The tongue of a snake...the platypus has electrolocation, so...how about we make it grow from the back, split in four at half, sensing heat?

The platypus is missing teeth, now we'll give it the teeth of a locust...but how about we place them on the belly? It makes sense (at least, it does to me)

The whale's blow hole is a nice insertion into the head of the platypus, only that it doesn't expel air and mucus...


Small and tight places - marmosets. awww

(think savage, think savage)

No, the leaves cannot be discolored, because they grow in the detriment of the rest. Let's say...orange leaves, having all the color of the carrot. So, carrot leaves...what pops into my mind right now is the ability of the marmoset to emanate CO2, just like plants do at night, thus rendering breathing heavy, just like in small and tight places.

The eyes, organs of sense..the marmoset already has those overgrown ones, it's time to double them, making it have four? Put them on the sides of the head, and give them the distinct look of the reptile eyes.

Also, I was thinking of another pair of eyes in the back of the head :)

Overgrown extremities for the marmoset is just what we need, we could make them bulky, so that with the hands and legs it can create a deadly trap.

As for the mole's nose, I was thinking of a huge nose that looks more like a trunk, capable of sucking in small creatures...


These are only suggestions, I'm looking forward to your ideas.

Edited by Ungod
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