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Christmas collage!

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Merry Christmas! Vrolijk kerstfeest! Maligayang Pasko! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Christmas is upon us and here's a fun little quest for you to "wrap" your hands around! :D

It's very simple and you'll have 2 weeks to complete.

You need to create a Christmas collage using wrapping paper gathered from presents or leftover from wrapping! The more MD related and unique, the better!

PM me the finished pieces and I'll post them anon for public voting (a few secret judges will be giving bonus points)! Top 3 places will win rewards.

1) SHMSH/WP + $20 credits

2) 1 Earfocus + 1 LoC Stone + $15

3) 1 Brilliant Diamond + $10

Prizes may change (for the better) over the next week, but these are the basics!

Don't forget to include your playername, ID and Signature in the picture! (P.s. A 'step by step' submission, showing your process, will receive extra points from me!)

So get unwrapping and get creative! Submissions close 14 days from this post!

Rule update: You can draw and use other items to create your pieces, but the more wrapping (I include bows/ribbons I this category as well) you use, the better the score you'll get!

Rewards Update: WP will be rewarded if 5 or more people participate.


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So, sadly, I only received one entry for this, though I thought it to be rather simple with some good rewards...never mind hey! :)

The winner is Dstling and here is her entry!

On 04/01/2017 at 9:44 PM, dst said:

1 collage with pics for my submission without name

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Gift wrapping collage.jpg

1 collage with pics for my submission with name

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Gift wrapping collage_dst.jpg


Please contact me to let me know which prize you would like! Thanks for participating! :)

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