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Which Triforce is your character left with?  

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Breath of the Wild is out today and it looks amazing! Any of you who have played Ocarina of Time know that when the Triforce is touched by unworthy hands, it is split into its three component pieces, with one remaining in the hands of the one who touched it and the other two falling into the hands of whoever embodies them most (or something like that...)

Here;s how they're canonically arranged / depicted:



Now, imagine your character finds their way into the Sacred Realm and touches the Triforce. Which would you say they're left with, and for bonus points who in MD gets the other two.

I get Power, No one gets wisdom, Lost WaNdeR gets Courage

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XD all three would think i'm unworthy and i'd be left with nothing xD

Edit: you remain with the one that you believe in the most, just to complete your introduction, if so then i'd maybe remain with wisdom because i believe its the one with the most potential

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I believe I will remain with courage... It's Something that has been a guiding principle for me throughout life. Wisdom... I would say Shemhazaj would get wisdom or if you want current players, probably burns. Power I believe would go to someone like Magohi or MRAlyon :3

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1 hour ago, Aethon said:

Me - Courage, Dstling - Power, No one - Wisdom.

I was hoping for insightful / interesting, but you can just pick your friends too, that`s ok. *pats head*

Anyways, I'm glad you agree that dst doesn't get wisdom, I wrestled myself on that one a bit with how much she likes reading her logs.

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me - courage? this is debatable cause i've seen myself  freeze in real fights or dive into possibly dangerous actions, mostly depends on the circumstance so no.

       power? yeah, i guess so, i like control so if i have to choose it's this one.

      wisdom? LOL, no.

Shade Sentinel- courage? no, it's more of a detached look mixed with disdain,lack of fear etc.

  power? yes, this one doesn't need explanation right?

wisdom? since i picked one it's redundant, but i'd say yeah, SS always oozes a sense of wisdom.

Mur? - courage? Sure, He strikes me as a courages person.

          power? No.

         wisdom? nah.

Ok..if i'm dead after this it was nice meeting you all (


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I would be left with wisdom for greatest effect, power close second but outshined and devalued by my own principles, not that I'm the best for any of these three.

In my opinion Fang Archbane inherits the courage as I see him try often against severe odds, continuously defeated to still continue and persevere once more.

And as such Dst encompasses power for sheer effectiveness in enacting change within the realm time and time again whether liked or hated.

I may leave out old/inactive vets in my choices, but they aren't so eligible because of that.

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