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been reducing my internet browsing in the last weeks...so i am a little curious - is it me or the internet is on the way to become the 'new TV'?

people who watch tv instead of browsing the web are less 'able' (or just too old), so obviously the ones who want to develop themselves, to discover new means and methods (or even purposes) will connect to the web...but it seems more regulations appear yearly in order to 'institutionalize' the web, this meaning that, well...institutions, authority...less freedom of speech, less space for inovation and a different way of flow of information ('cuz filters).

internet = new TV or just oversaturation of the digital?

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The difference of the internet is that it allows intimate connections in a way TV just can't. Whether it's two random people who both like cat videos, or two who both like doxxing and harassing people, for example, such connections were much more difficult to make through TV as an entertainment medium. Though I do agree (I think it's hard not to these days...) that it's VERY worrying how much control, censorship and spying is going on with the internet. I do see some pushing back, though, fighting the fight for freedom of information, and it gives me some small measure of hope in the end.

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