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Queen Of Sheba Event For MD Birthday!

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Happy MD Birthday! Is this the 12th one? Wow. 

!2 years since MD Came into existence. THough the population has declined, the spirit remains the same!

And as the Topic Title Says, The Arrogant, Stuck up Queen Returns!

I shall be the Queen of Sheba for One day Tomorrow and Like last year I shall host a variety of mini quests with rewards.

THere will be a total of 10 mini quests at random times in the Day. And here goes the reward list:

Every Quest winner will get an individual reward like an item or coins or resources and stuff like that.

Apart from those:

winner of 3/10 quests - 1 gold

Winner of 7/10 quests -  11th anni Barren + 1Gold

Winner of all 10 quests if any -  1 wishpoint + 11th anni Barren + 1Gold.

If Chewett or the Treasure keepers can be so gracious* as to give a 12th anni creature this year for rewarding purposes, It'd be great. Will reward it to the 7/10 won quests category.

PS- This Quest will be held only if I get teleported out of the Island tonight :P


1. Take a screen shot of the GOE scene and decorate it. Once you are done, post it in the forum thread regarding the quest. END TIME - 20.16 MDST winner : john rothmaker, Rewards: 5sc

2.  Using only items available in MD, craft a recipe for a delicious three course meal. Post your entry on the forum thread. END TIME - 0800 MDST 15th April

Edited by Nimrodel
*JEEZ I dont know what was going on in my mind. Maybe the 6 different ways of treating Pancreatic Nets?
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