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Woofbirds Mad Battle Parade

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To start off a new tradition & with the support as well as the wisdom of Aia del Mana (The Moon Whisperer), Mallos (The Tactician), & Sunfire (Emperor of the Free East), i bring you the first of many Battle Parades!

This Battle Parade will be a tougher version of the more relaxed Battle Parades ill be running all year long, and with a higher difficulty comes better rewards :3

For each MD B-Day version of the Battle Parade the rewards will be one shop crit out of a *predefined list (unless sponsorship changes this) as well as 5 credits >:3

The regular year long version will be less difficult but will only reward one shop crit when completed -3-

This Challenge is open to any and all who are up to 3 months fresh off of Gateway Island.
The ritual to defeat is thus: 2 Winderwilds/2 Knators/1 Imperial Aramor/1 Soulweaver.
All creatures will remain at 0 slider and no tokens will be used on my end.
All creatures are maxed so they wont be pulling any punches.

You can use any means necessary to win, this means all **spells, tokens, items, creatures, etc are viable options -3-;

So get out your notebooks, and start prepping now, because the battles dont start until the MagicDuel birthday but the war has already begun!

*The list of reward choices this time around are as follows: 4 Shop Aramors/3 Shop Jokers/3 Shop Grasans/2 Shop Remains
**All Spells are valid tools to win with the exception of MirrorRitual, GuardianArmy, & SummonedArmy.

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The first day of this Battle Parade will take place on Friday, the 26th.

All participants a few months off of Gateway Island will be rewarded with one Shop Crit of their choice from the predefined list above.

All winners will gain one Shop Crit, 5 Credits, and if sponsorship is approved, one Anni Crit due to the sheer difficulty >:3

I hope youve been preparing, because the tactics will soon begin to fly, best of luck out there, now get ready to show the world what youve got! o3o7

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The bloodshed has begun!

(Momentarily at GoE, will move to the FoF when Ailith is able to set the jumplink)

Edit1: In a suprising early morning victory, Demonic God is the first to take the win!

Edit2: Not to be outdone by more than mere second, NathanBlake takes the second fiery victory!

Edit0: Once the MD BIrthday ends, all winners and participants will get to choose their rewards and recieve their credits in the order of victory :D

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