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Battle tags


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(catchy title, huh)


I was thinking that in MD there are those who simply fight. They did, do and will brawl, because this is what they like doing in MD; since it does require a decent amount of intellectual effort, they can be proud of being brawlers. There are the stats, there are the achievements (combo fighter, above money..), but how about a tag dispatcher with a couple fighting tags/titles? I think these don't even need further plans, as is the case with the tags obtainable in LR, since they are titles for those who want and like to brawl.

Those tags shouldn't be easy to obtain by someone, instead, they should require results that only a battlehead would go for. I don't know what those might be, I could think of something if you like the idea, more or less.

how about it?

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i was thinking of more radical challenges, though, but I think only the people who are good with battles can come up with (and it would also be hard to code, if not impossible)...quick examples of no-so-good-ideas:

getting 1000 victories with a ritual containing 3 anivv creatures

getting 1000 wins with a ritual containing 1 ts and 1 up against rituals wtih freeze

x battles won in a period of time works well, but it's not a tag only brawlers can achieve...but acquiring it might mean you're so-so in battle, so it's cool too

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tags aren't temporary, to be applied only to this time. i still believe it should be something only warriors should go for, with some sacrifices in mind. for example, although it's easy at beginning, I didn't get the Full glow achievement when I started, and that meant that one year later, I had to sacc most of my crits and max some to get it. This is the kind of thing I was thinking of, not just grinding.

i'm not against X battles in a period of time, X stats in a period of time. It IS a tag I would like, but it is also a tag I *could* get. Which makes it less valuable, since I am not one of those people who play MD for the duels. I suck at combat, and I think real brawlers should get tags they can be proud of.

that having been said, there's no problem in a light(er) version of battle tags. It's a good motive to start some trouble (i mean fighting), since the grinding has created some monsters already and some of the thrill disappeared.

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